Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yesterday's Trash

I was just cleaning up Aiden's room and was reminded of this story. Aiden's room is Noah's Ark themed. So he has lots of Ark toys. One of which is a wooden ark with matching sets of wooden animals. Well months ago, the dogs got a hold of one of the Tigers. I found it on the floor in the family room and said, "Well I guess this is going in the garbage, It's poor mate will be lonely." Josh said, "Why?" I said it's crippled and useless now. He said, "If I was crippled and useless would you throw me away."
I remembered this now, because I just picked up the crippled, useless tiger off Aiden's floor and put him back in the ark with all the other animals. However when Aiden gets a sliver from that thing, it's going in the trash. Sorry Honey.

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