Sunday, January 28, 2007

Why Gemcraft was acting so wierd

We've heard through the rumor mill that Gemcraft Homes is probably having some financial problems because they are shutting down some of their building sites. I don't know the specifics of what is happening inside Gemcraft, but this may help explain why they acted so erratically and canceled our contract when we brought up concerns about the home and settlement date.

Doggy friends

Yesterday Em and I took the boys (Toby and Zeek) to meet the dog sitter and their dogs, 3 border collies which are twice the size of Toby and 4 times as big as Zeek. Toby and Zeek will be staying with this family while we are back in Utah packing up our stuff. Toby took to the new dogs rather quickly and started chasing/being chased. Zeek just kept trying to hide behind Em and I. One of the collies took a liking to Zeek and decided to torment him by pushing him and sitting in his hiding places. After he warmed up to the new dogs another collie started herding him like a sheep, she did a very good job keeping him trapped in the corner of the kitchen :)

After all the fun and excitement of making new friends the boys took a nice nap in the back seat while we grabbed lunch and drove to the dog park. This park has separate areas for large and small dogs. This time Zeek only took a few minutes to warm up and they both had lots of fun teaming up to chase the other dogs around, and occasionally stopping to get attention from the other dog owners.

After we got back to the hotel both of the boys just zonked on the bed for several hours. They were so tired that we had to bring their food into the bedroom to get them to even eat!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

RGB Rant on the software industry

RGB recently posted a rant/editorial to the beowulf list that discusses Microsoft as a monopoly and why we should be afraid of (not hate) Microsoft, even if we use their products or work for MS. His arguments are based on history, economics, and human nature instead of MS hate. Long but an interesting read. The font used in the linked to site sucks, copy it somewhere else :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

New House (hopefully)

We have an offer in on a house. It is out in the country Northwest of Havre De Grace. You can see in the link that we are right near the Susquehanna river and surrounded by farm land. The house is a rancher (ground level floor + basement) built in the late 1950s. We've had the first inspection and it is in quite good shape for it's age. I'll post more when I get pics or when we close, whichever comes first, maybe even a walk through video from my little camera.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Best jerky ever!

Em went out to Erda with her Grandpa a few months ago to get some jerky from Thompsons Smoke House (Recommended by Em’s coworker). This particular jerky was She just opened the buffalo jerky, wow is it good! Very Very tasty and moist! Get some :)