Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yesterday we took our cub scouts swimming. This was the first time we have taken Aiden to a public pool. We should have gone sooner as much as Aiden loves water. He loved it! For about an hour. Then he had it and fell asleep on my lap wrapped up in his towel. We should have taken a picture of that. It was sweet.

He was not fond of the life jacket

Boys, Boys, Boys

I went to a "close to my heart" party at my sister-in-laws tonight. It was a party to buy scrapbook supplies. I was going through the catalog and trying to decide what to buy. All the really pretty and cute stuff I would have normally bought, I didn't even try to justify purchasing. Only boy stuff. ALL boy stuff. My life revolves around boys and while you can put a picture of mommy on a blue camping scrapbook page. You can't put a picture of Daddy and Aiden on flowers. So tonight inspired by Diane, I was looking for a new blog design. Of course looking for a masculine design. I came across this one.
Let me be a damn girl for a while! It will change soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Week in Review

Tonight we had our friends Ryan & Diane over. We don't have guests, beside grandparents, over very often. Because I hate to clean, our house is too small, we have 3 dogs... Mostly our friends houses are all nicer than ours. It was nice to have people over. I was working all day on the remodel. I told Josh if he wanted to do something he had to take care of it ALL. So grocery shopping took a long time, and the house didn't get cleaned but, hey. He had such good intentions. He wanted us to make foil dinners (hobo dinners is what Ryan said they were called) roast hot dogs and marshmallows on a camp fire in our neighbors fire pit. Good intentions! It was hot out, 3 kids under 3 and one being my son Aiden. It is not fun trying to keep Aiden away from the fire. This is why whenever he asks if we can go have a fire up in the canyons, I say No. That is for older kids.

Last night was Josh's mission reunion. I tried so hard to get out of it. But we went and they had childcare in the nursery. I struggled so badly with leaving Aiden there. It physically hurt. I felt like I couldn't breath the entire time he was there. My heart was in my throat. Before the closing prayer I ran to get him, beat the rush. He of course was fine and they said he was such a good baby, the best one they had there.
This cute shirt he is wearing is my current favorite shirt he has. Grandma Aune bought it for him and I LOVE it! It not only has the greatest phrase "Blame the Dog." But it's one of those layered shirts so it looks like he has an under shirt.
Which brings me to Tuesday. Aiden was playing in his room and the cleaner was in there cleaning. I was trying to eat breakfast. Well the cleaner came carrying Aiden out and says he got into dog poop. They both had it on them. I am furious. For One these little pets are supposed to be potty trained. Two they are forbidden to enter Aiden's room and Three how embarrassing that someone else discovers your kid playing in poop. I get Aiden in tow and go find the dogs because somebody is getting spanked. (Warning next part is gross. ) Look at the poop and wonder which dog it could have been, start to yell and then think, could this have been Aiden. I flip him over to discover, his diaper is pushed off to one side and his outfit is wet and there is a little poop on his leg. I was blaming the dogs.

Wednesday night Josh informs me he has to work late. This ticks me off because his job is his mistress. We argue on the phone for like an hour. I say you have already worked late, I called you at 6:30 he says so you called me at 6. We both say we are right and he says we can compare phones when he gets home to prove it. Well....
I was RIGHT!

One morning this week I went in to check on Aiden because he was sleeping so late and this is what I found.

Of course I woke him up when I took the picture, which angered him.
This is another cute shirt I got in New York, that says "Pinch Your Own Damn Cheeks."

The story of 2 Dave's and a messy house
My dad came in to town this entire week to help us remodel the house. He work so hard. I wanted to be there to help in any way I could so I was there every day and Aiden had a REAL babysitter. Not family but a neighbor girl. I actually had left him once before with her for 2 hours a couple weeks ago so I could work on the house. But we can pretend this was the first time. I left him every day with a sitter for a few hours. He of course is an angel for everyone but me. But here are some cute picture of him with the babysitter.
They played in the water and ate watermelon. I wish I had had that kind of babysitter.

Josh brother, the other Dave, came over late one night and helped us update the main electrical box. Or something really important like that. That was a big help and super nice of him to come late at night. Bad for us we were there til 11pm that night. But good for us that it is done.
AND all of this should explain the messy house part of the story.

I guess that about wraps up my week. Hopefully next week will be less crazy. I'm thinking massage and pedicure to help my sore muscle and so I can feel like a girl again.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Pictures for 7 posts

Isabella pushing Zeke in Aiden's swing!

Lazy Bum

Rather than do any of the ten zillion things I should be doing tonight, while Josh is working late, I am checking out peoples blogs. Now I regularly check my friends and families blogs, that is not what I mean. I have just spent the last hour linking to friends and family of my friends and family. People I don't know. I am reading about their lives. I am also realizing I have a pretty lame blog. So if anybody else is ignoring their "to do" list, and happens upon my boring little blog, I apologize for my lack of creativity and welcome your ideas.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


I am getting the vacation itch. We are starting to plan our Anniversary trip. Where should we go? I want tropical. We have done Hawaii twice and a Caribbean Cruise last year. I want opinions. Where are places you have always wanted to go? I am watching the travel channel right now, but it is a lame show about Stonehenge, been there done that.


Josh wanted me to blog about the pancakes he is making me now. I told him I would if they tasted good. They smell good. When we were first married, every single Sunday he would make me Norwegian Pancakes (like crepes). Now I am lucky if I get them quarterly. Where has the romance gone?

Is there a group for me?

Yesterday we went to Boondocks with my nephews and niece (Ali's kids, Knute, Rohr, & EmmaLynn). I have a serious problem. I could not stop putting tokens in the machine called Disco Fever. It a coin pusher, that you drop in a token and hopefully (fingers crossed) it falls and pushes more token into the tray for tickets. I literally could not stop, I do not want to admit how much money I put into tokens for that machine, but it was REALLY bad. I would make the kids take my money and go get me more tokens so I didn't lose "MY" machine. Aiden is going to have to go to the community college now. I am afraid to go back. Next time we go, I will have to leave my wallet home and Josh's, because he allows, even encourages, me to be an idiot.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Something Nice to Say

I know your mother used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." I guess I complain about places alot on my blog, but I want people to not waste their money at these awful places. So let me try really hard to think of a place I do recommend.
There is this cute little restaurant in the Sherwood Hills Resort, on the way to Logan. It is called "Belle Monte." It's one of those fancy schmancy places. The food was absolutely delicious. I mean AMAZING. Thinking about it now I want to drive up there just to eat. It was such a great atmosphere as well and not nearly as expensive as I would have thought for the type of place it is. For sure one of my favorites.
See I'm not all bad. Spend your money there.

Stay Away FRom Advanced Laser Clinic

I LOVE being hair free. I definitely recommend getting Laser Hair Removal but do NOT go to "Advanced Laser Clinic"
I started the Vela Smooth Treatments on June 11th. When I was inquiring about the treatments I asked if they were painful. They responded that if I can handle laser hair removal I can handle it. They also said some clients refer to it as "just like a hot massage." And they have "some clients fall asleep during treatments."
My treatment on the 11th was very painful and difficult for me to get through. After words, within hours I had bruised very badly. My legs were covered in bruises. My legs hurt so badly for about a week it hurt to have my son on my lap. My bruises had not healed, so I waited 2 weeks between treatments. When I went back for my second treatment on June 25th it was so painful I could not make it through the entire timed session and had to ask the girl to stop on certain areas. Two days after my appointment, I called and left a message for the manager with Sabrina. I wanted to talk to her about discontinuing treatments. She didn't return my call. Yesterday I received the reminder call about my appointment I said I still had not talked to the manager. They said they would give her the message. A few hours later I called again to speak to her. I explained that It hurt so badly that I couldn't do the full treatments. She was "stumped and didn't know what to say". She told me to come and try it again and then we would figure something out. So I came in today and it was very painful again. It hurts during and for along time after each treatment.
I am not getting the best results for these treatments because I can't come in every week, like recommended. It hurts to badly and the bruising doesn't heal. Also, I am not able to stand the entire time on each area because it hurts too badly. So I am not getting results in the areas I am treating. I asked for a refund for the future treatments (not past) they said they cannot do that for me but can exchange it for other services. I have already had all the areas I need laser hair removed and I am not comfortable having laser work done on my face, nor do I feel I need it.
I wanted to try this treatment out before I bought it all but a per treatment price would have been $1000.00 and they assured me it wasn't painful and I could get a package deal for $2400. Now I cannot continue with my treatments, the 3 treatments I have had, have not been effective and I am out alot of money.
They "force" you to purchase a package and pay for all visits in advance and then they won't give you your money back for unused treatments. Plus their manager is new and just sucks compared to the old one.

1 Thumb Up, 1 Down

This weeks reviews.
Last night we went to dinner at Tucanos at the Gateway. Unimpressed! It is Brazilian BBQ. They bring all different kinds of meat to your table. The meat was greasy and not too fabulous. It was $20 per person. I cannot say it was the worst place I have eaten. Josh thought it was alright, but I don't think we will be returning.
Wednesday night I saw "Get Smart." It was pretty funny. Worth the trip out of the house. Which when you get a night away from the baby it needs to be good cuz it could be a while before it happens again.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh crap.

I forgot my funny 4th of July story. So at the local Wal-Mart I pick Aiden and I up some matching 4th of July shirts. I am rushing to get ready and put my shirt on and it is really, I mean REALLY tight. I ask Josh if I look fat, he hesitates and says I look good. I don't even care at this point I want to match Aiden. I go upstairs and I am constantly tugging at this shirt so as to not show off my belly. Later in the evening I start talking to my mom and Rachael about how small this shirt is. Now I am no small thing and I got a size that said XL 14-16. I have gotten XL shirts that have still been tight. It just depends where you get it. Rachael says when she was at the Wal-mart she didn't see any cut fitted ones in womens sizes. She comes over to me and looks at the inside of my shirt and say, "You got a little girls shirt." Sigh of relief, I am not as huge as this shirt was making me feel. I run downstairs and change. I don't need to match Aiden this badly.

Then & Now

4th of July 2007, in Havre de Grace, MD
4th of July 2008, in Draper,UT

THE 4th

We spent the majority of the day at the new house we are remodeling. I then came home and made some awesome desserts.

Grandpa & Grandma Aune came over and they brought Farfar with them. Great-Grandpa and Grandma Ray came too. We had a yumilicious BBQ.

Cousins, in Red, White & Blue

Aiden's favorite part was climbing all over and standing on the Fireworks box.

How does Mommy's new Jelly shoe taste?
Scroll down to the very bottom of the blog to see a new page element we added. Most recent family picture, will change as we take them, which doesn't happen very often since it is usually mommy or daddy holding the camera.

I might be shot

Are these two related?

One Year Stats

How old are you?
Yesterday was the 12 month check up. If you have read about Aiden's other check up, you know how this story ends. With me crying...
Weight 18lbs -20th% (a guess)
(no longer on the chart for percentile) Screw your stupid charts!
Height 29" 23rd%
Head 47 cm 73rd% (must take after his daddy)
Why do I even go to the stupid pediatrician! Everybody knows Aiden eats a ton. He just never slows down and has a really fast metabolism. But again we are going to try and feed him extremely fattening foods. So off to the grocery store I headed. Who knew full fat cheese tasted so good?
I also refused the vaccines. GASP. I just read some good articles about better ways to vaccinate.

"Consider an alternative schedule to the CDC’s current schedule
It really is shocking to look at the 1983 recommended vaccine schedule and compare it to 2008. Does a child really need so many more vaccines today? Quiz your doctor by asking them how many vaccines were on the schedule in the 1980s. We have found that most have no idea. Three potential alternative schedules to consider:
I. Listen to the Doctor (Our favorite)
Comment: Donald Miller, M.D., is a surgeon at the University of Washington. His article, A User-Friendly Vaccine Schedule, is summarized into this schedule.
II. Turn back the clock
Comment: This is the schedule from 1983. If it worked for kids then, why doesn't it work for kids now?
III. Go Danish
Comment: Denmark is a first world country based in Western Europe. Their schedule appears far more reasonable than ours. They have also been reported to have a much lower rate of autism than the U.S. Do they know something we don't?
A second disclaimer: Please note that we are parents, not doctors. What precedes is not medical advice, it is the opinion of parents. Anything written here should be reviewed with a qualified physician. We are not giving you medical advice nor are we qualified to do so."

I am not NOT vaccinating. I just want to wait. But oh did I get the guilt trip given to me. I was almost convinced to give them to him even though I went in there, not wanting to. So one more point for being a bad parent, or I guess it two now since my kid is so skinny. Did I mention he has cottage cheese thighs? When he wakes up I'm gonna get a picture of those.

Anyway, now that I am more completely disgusted with the medical profession... A friend of ours, Beth, does this cute thing with her baby every month. I wish I had been doing it, but maybe it will be a yearly thing with us.
12 Months
Stats: Above
Eating Habits: Aiden is Eating Everything. His favorites are fruits. He just started Whole Milk (the cow kind). He doesn't like it and we are lucky if we can get a few sips in a day. He is still breastfeeding a couple times a day, but this could be ending soon.
Yes, that is an ice cream cone.And a sucker.

Sleep Habits: I'd say we are at about 80% of the time sleeping through the night. Everybody's definition of sleeping through the night is different. Goes to bed between 9pm and 11pm and sleep until 7am til 9am. He has a couple good naps (2-3hrs) in the day. Daddy gets him that 20% of the time that he wakes in the middle of the night. That was the condition of letting Aiden move out of our bedroom, at what? I think it was 8 months. he he.
Do you see the thunder thighs there?

How many binkis do you need, son?

Play Habits: Does the boy ever stop? He is a ball of energy. His favorites are playing in the water, with the water, outside and playing catch with daddy and Toby.

Any Firsts this Month?: FIRST BIRTHDAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! He took his first steps. We are up to 9 steps and regularly taking 3-5 steps. First bites as a behavioral issue, not so excited about that one.

And Just Because it Makes Me Laugh:

TV Day

Yesterday I was really sick. My friend Diane made a post about sick days and motherhood.
I longed to have a sick day, but it was virtually impossible. Aiden had a pediatrician appt. that didn't go well (post to follow). Then it was errands to Home Depot and Walmart and of course the never ending laundry, raising a son and another appt. In between everything me running to the bathroom, Yuck! So by the end of the day I was physically and mentally exhausted.
Today I woke up and decided that I was going to have a TV Day. I have not had one of these since I was 9 months pregnant. The TV just doesn't come on in our house for more than an hour a day. When I was pregnant and on bed rest it was every day and I got sick of it. Oh how I miss it! After the baby it was taking care of a baby, packing, unpacking, and now all my projects.
So today it was! Or so I thought...
I lay on the couch turn on the TV, watch a show, now I have to feed Aiden and while I am feeding I notice the table and counter are a bit dirty so I do some picking up. Then I discover, I am not over my little bug, hopefully it's only a 48 hr one. Good thing I am just planning to relax and watch TV today. Well maybe I'll just start a load of laundry on the commercial break. Diaper change. 10 minutes later, "Didn't I just change you?" UH OH! Aiden seems to have caught mommy's bug. "Toby (the not smart dog), Why are you limping?" Touch his leg, he whines in pain. Call the vet, find the doggie pain killers, hold him and comfort him. "Your poopy again?" Aiden is down for a nap, the TV is off, gotta shower and I am thinking I may never have a TV day again :(

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I added the last day of New York post. Scroll down to 6/23/08 to see it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Busy to Breath

A few weeks ago, we purchased a home in South Jordan to remodel. What a project! It is exhausting. My dad has been flying out every weekend and helping us. He is a lifesaver. I wish more people were as giving and generous as he is.
We have completely gutted the house and are starting to rebuild. If anybody knows any one in the construction trade (electrical, tile, framing, concrete, landscaping, garages...) that may need some extra cash, we have so much still to do. It's like building a new house.

This WAS the barn. It was demolished this last weekend.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Scout Camp

Wednesday and Thursday was Cub Scout Day Camp. That was exhausting. Nine 8-9 year old boys kept me busy. I was called to Cub scouts in Maryland when I was pregnant. I had no idea why. I have no boys in my family. I should have guessed it was because there was a little boy brewing in my tummy. When we got back to Utah I got the same calling. I enjoy it for the most part. I am sure it is just preparing me for the little hellion my son is going to become. I hate to boast, but a BB guns, I kicked all those little boys trash. They were much better at the obstacle course than me. That rope swing got me.

Parker at doing archery
Sorry no pictures of me making a full out of myself.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I love pictures! I mean love. But when your the person who loves pictures, you are often the one taking all the pictures. I also like to be in pictures, with my son, husband, friends... But how lame do you sound when you say, "Can you take my picture?" Because I am so vain and beautiful. Not. I just like to scrapbook and I want to remember I took part in the occasion as well. Pretty much all of New York was me being lame and asking Rachael and Josh to take pictures of me and Aiden by landmarks and other cool stuff.
Onto the griping.
Aiden's Birthday was yesterday (post to follow). Since I was hosting, I gave the camera to Josh. Looking through the pictures after Aiden went to bed, I discover, no pictures of me with my big one year old. No way to go back in time. Doubly suckage. One year ago, yesterday, I was in the hospital having a baby. Same problem, no pictures of mommy and her new baby. Plenty of pictures of the kid but I envision this tender moment of a mother cradling her brand new baby in the hospital. We have all seen these pictures. Where is mine?
So Dad's once in a while take pictures of Mommy with her kids! If we look icky that day, we can just crop ourselves out.