Monday, August 20, 2007

Life with Baby - Big News

I have started quite a few posts and not quite finished them before something new to write about comes along. Aiden (formerly known as Daemon) is growing like a weed. We think he is incredibly smart and expect him to start walking any day now. Wouldn't that be funny, A little 10 lb., 23inch man walking around. (Those are his current stats). OK it's probably going to be a while.

We have been trying to see more of the East. Plenty of diaper changes in mommy's truck:( Even a few on the tailgate, (thanks to Daddy). We went to the National Zoo when Aiden was 4 weeks old. Apparently the Pandas are a big whoopty doo there. Here is a Giant Panda holding Aiden (then Daemon).

When Aiden was 6 weeks old we went to Gettysburg. There Aiden (that day I think he was Jack), got his picture taken as a union soldier. Or confederate, not really sure but I asked Aiden and he is definitely against slavery. Rest assured...

This weekend we are doing home repairs. Papa Dave is out here helping us with a deck and a new furnace/AC. Papa thinks Aiden is a great baby and that I just need to stop pinching him.

And of course the big news, drum role please.
As some of you may have figured out, Our babies current name is Aiden. Daemon just didn't seem to fit him. He is most certainly an Aiden. Sorry for the delay, but imagine being a nameless baby, it was harder for him, trust me.

All Our Love, Josh, Emily and da da ta da AIDEN.

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