Monday, March 30, 2009

Very Important Call

Aiden was walking around the family room tonight with his fake phone from his kitchen set. Boy did he have a lot to say. Quite a lot. He talked forever. Walking around, once he let me talk but then he needed to get right back to his conversation. It was late and I said it was probably time for bed. He ignored me and kept right on talking. Josh said, can't you see he's busy on the phone. So I let him continue. He moved onto my office and after a while I called to him, "Aiden, you off the phone?" He answered so non chalantly, "yah". So then he went to bed. He's not like his mommy or daddy, we both hate talking on the phone. Soon he'll learn to text. :)

oweee, oweee, oweeeeeeee

This is what Aiden said after eating meat loaf and finding one of his hands all covered in Ketchup. I guess he thought he was bleeding because he was fine and went back to eating after I wiped it off.

Dang we're good lookin!

I needed to get pictures for my business cards so I made the family come with me and get them all done.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

3 for Free

I got this idea from my friend Jenny - a great idea!! Anyway, here it goes:
The first 3 people to respond to this post will get something crafty made by me! My choice. For you. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:
1. I make no guarantees you will like what I make.
2. What I create will be just for you.
3. It will be done this year.
4. You have no clue what it’s going to be.
5. I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.
The catch is that you must repost this on your blog and offer the same to the first 3 people who do the same on your blog. The first 3 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did win a FAB-U-LOUS homemade gift by me! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it! Who’s in? Good luck!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

The wait is over

Finally, a foot update. hehe. I haven't updated because I'm a butthead and have kept thinking it was going to magically get better. But it hasn't and in fact last week took a surprising turn for the worse. So today I went to the podiatrist. Bad news Betty;( I tore my Calcaneal Cuboid Ligament. I guess, I made him write it down so I wouldn't forget and I can't read his handwriting.
I have to take crappy steroids and another prescription and wear a HUGE boot. Apparently I wasn't taking good enough care of it before which is why it got worse. I guess this takes longer to heal than a fracture. I wasn't staying off it like I should. In fact if he read my mind he would have said. "Stupid girl, you shouldn't have been running around on it and climbing up and down mountains for 4 hours on Saturday while you competed in "The Amazing Race." Which was awesome despite the fact it killed my foot. I will blog about that later. AWESOME!
So now I get the boot. Literally. haha. I have to laugh about this whole thing because I spent the day crying about it. How am I supposed to stay off it? I am a mom. He asked me how much of the day I was on my feet. Um, all of it except 2 hours when my son naps and 8 hours when I sleep. Not acceptable. So Josh is out picking up my prescriptions and getting me the 3rd book in the Twilight series.
Oh and did I mention the worst part, I am supposed to go to physical therapy 2-3 times a week for 4-6 weeks. I cried right then and there when he said that. How am I gonna do that? So I flat out asked him, "If I keep walking on it and doing what I have been doing, it will hurt, but it will eventually heal, right?" Wrong O! He said, "There is no surgery that can fix this, if you don't get it healed properly, you could have a bum foot." I love that he said bum, rather than some technical word. I of course told Josh, that I "could" have a bum foot. He didn't say it was guaranteed. It may heal by itself. I can't be off my feet and I can't leave Aiden with somebody 2 times a week. I don't have that many favors. I know everybody will comment that they will take him and I will probably be calling, but it just sucks and is a pain in the butt, and ends up taking my entire day, by the time I get him to the sitter, to my appointment at St. Marks and then back to the sitter. AAAAHHHH!

I took these by myself with my camer phone. Pay no attention to my messy scrapbook room.

And I don't understand why the boot has to go clear up to my knee. I just hurt my foot. And I keep trying to talk myself into the fact that the Doctor was just being over cautious because that is his job and all of this is really unnecessary. And if you won't be babysitting, you can bring us dinner so Josh doesn't starve since I won't be on my feet, maybe ;)

No snow

Looking out the window saying, "no, no, no," cause I want to play outside.

Is it a plane or subway?

Somewhere over (under?) Canada...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

THE Movie

Seriously! Seriiiously! Seeeaariously! SER-I-OUS-LY! seriously?
I don't even want to talk about it. I knew it would be bad, every movie is after you have read the book. But this bad.... I guess I do want to talk about it. Did any of the actors read the book before the starred in the movie? That may have been helpful. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I DEMAND a remake! I don't care that it will be the exact same story line. I want better acting, better effects, better make-up, and better music, what crappy music. I understand it was "a low budget" film, but didn't any body read the book and see what a hype was being built of it and think to themselves, this would be a good investment, lets help fund this film? Nobody? Everything else in today's world is a risky investment why not spend some money on a movie? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. I can't go on. REMAKE I plead!

I have to say as horribly disappointed as I was, I still continue on this reckless train. My wonderful husband, who I rarely give enough credit to, took my lighthearted suggestion to go to Wal-mart at 1 am, just after finishing a wretched movie, to get me the second book, whole heartedly headed off to the store, with a "Do you need anything else?" How sweet and amazing. Not even a complaint.
I do ask this, What is wrong with me? Why do I want to continue reading? This is not my style. Granted I haven't read much for years. Before this thing called "life" started, I read a bunch. Good serious, highly acclaimed books. With real subjects. Like that one, Eye Contact? What was it called? Mom, do you read my blog? Are you reading this? You never comment so I don't know. Yet sometimes you seem to know things that I haven't told you that I figured you read here. If so, Mom, leave a comment with the name of that book.

When I was pregnant it was all pregnancy books, all of course contradicting each other and sending me into quite the tizzy to find another book that may or may not agree with one of the others. Not to mention the Doctor's and nurses that contradict each other. Again, I digress.

Then Aiden came along and if I did get the rare opportunity to read, it was parenting books, and books on, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?" So I guess I understand the need to have some FUN, casual, lighthearted, not serious reading in my life right now. Even though I am sorely disappointed in myself.
So as to not leave any spoilers, I will just say I am more than half way through the second book (thank goodness for Sundays and Daddy being home) and I am not as impressed. But just like a train wreck I can not seem to pull my eyes away:)
Happy Reading...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yes, I'd jump of that cliff...

Since everybody else was doing it, I finally joined the bandwagon and read "Twilight". I almost hate myself for giving in. I told myself so many times I wasn't going to read it since it was the in thing to do. I don't like to follow the crowd. But, I was at Wal-mart and it was only like $7.68 and I was going to be on a plane and thought I could read it. This of course was a month ago. I didn't end up reading it on the plane. However this past week Josh was out of town and I decided to read it in my lonely bed.
First of all, I had to go back to many other blogs and read others reviews since they now make sense to me.
My opinion, the middle of the book was like woman porn, the way she was so descriptive about Edward and the encounters between him and Bella and the way he touched her. OMG. I fell in love with him. I wanted him to bite me. It was intense! The end bugged me. It totally went back to some stupid teeny bobber novel. Oh how sweet, he took her to their prom. Or how gay. It should have ended with her at the hospital all better. It didn't need to take that cheesy turn at the end. I don't think there is anybody on the planet who hasn't read it so I don't feel like I'm spoiling it.
I finished the book in 2 days so it couldn't have been all bad. I would claim my son was neglected on Friday but I think he felt like he saw more of me. I would sit in his playroom and read instead of cleaning, doing dishes, laundry .....
Josh and I are about to sit down and watch the movie, and I'm sure I'll have alot to say about then. Till then...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Word Verification

You know how when you leave a comment on somebody's blog and it requires "word verification"? Well I just left a comment on my sister's blog and the word was "metard". Is that like "me" and "retard" combined? Was her blog calling "me" a "retard"? Am I a "metard". I think yes.
For comments on this post please just type the word it want you to type for "word verification" in the comment section. I don't think most of them are even words.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm a Fatty

OK, that's not news to anybody. The problem is, I haven't exercised for almost 2 weeks, because of my injury. I believe it or not went to the gym 3 times a week, pretty much so I could maintain my lard eating habits and not become a sumo wrestler. Well put a diaper on me and pull my hair on top of my head. Since I haven't been able to exercises, add a trip to Las Vegas, Buffets, Ice cream, In-N-Out Burger, did I mention Buffets? I am joining a Sumo Wrestling league. My pants no longer fit, so imagine me in fat pants rolling around my house:)

Also, does it seem strange to anyone but me, that my bruises from the fall did not show up until a week after it happened. Normally bruises don't take that long, do they? Also is it typical for a sprain to hurt this long? If I call the Doctor they undoubtedly will tell me to come in. It's a liability if they don't. So as to not waste any money, anybody know the answers to these questions.


On the Big Shot ride there was this nice couple sitting next to us and they also were waiting to get there picture printed. They seemed super cool and we talked to them for a while. They were from Canada. I jokingly asked in a mocking tone, "Are you here for NASCAR?" (since Josh and I had been making fun of the NASCAR fans the entire day). He said yes and he was dead serious. I felt bad. I told him he didn't look like the typical NASCAR fan. ooops.

Pictures from the Stratosphere

I figured out how to make my scanner do JPEGs not just PDFs. Silly me. Here our the pictures I talked about on the first day of our trip at the Stratosphere rides.
From this Ride "Insanity"
From my favorite, "The Big Shot" love how in the one above, the veins in my neck look like they are about to pop out.

Viva Las Vegas

Day 2 of our anniversary trip consisted of a lot of sleeping. This day was Sunday, March 1st, our actual Anniversary. We were out VERY late the night before. So we woke up at 9:30am just in time for our buffet breakfast. Then we went back up to our room for a nap. I slept until almost 4pm. Josh was up a couple hours earlier. So we headed downstairs and got dinner at Benihana. Which was really good, but not as good as my beloved "Kobe" from Maryland. Benihana was a very nice restaurant with a beautiful water feature. I could have lived there. There were also some pretty entertaining, loud, drunk people at our table. (Not us )Now looking at the picture, it looks like we were photo shopped together, because of the background line between black and red. Nice. We really were there together:) Everywhere you go in Vegas there is somebody there to a take a photograph of you. I am a sucker and usually buy them, always if it has Aiden in it.

We finished our dinner and then we went out to the "Strip" again. We stopped at the Mirage for another FREE show. Yippee!Last stop for the evening was The Venetian Hotel where we saw The Blue Man Group. It was a seriously entertaining show. Both of us really enjoyed it.This picture is actually of the next day, we stopped back in to get our picture taken by a sign since we had forgot the night before. The nice guy who took our picture told us if we came back at the end of the show, The actual Blue Men would take pictures with us. Too bad we didn't know that the night before. We couldn't come back that night because we were flying out.
At the end of the show is when my foot just gave out. I seriously could not walk anymore, so poor Josh had to give me a piggy back ride to the Monorail station. Then he got to take me back to the hotel room, hop back on the Monorail go past were we had just come from to a Wal-greens to get ace bandages and of course ice cream. It was another late night and we agian did not get to sleep until after 2am.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I need some ideas. What are food that have US cities or States names in them? Desserts, sides and main dishes? I tried to google it but I don't even know what to put in the search bar. So if you have a suggestion for that. I tried, I really did. Examples I have; Philly Cheesesteak, New York Cheesecake. Not much. Help.......

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New York, Paris, Venice

This last weekend was our anniversary. And as customary we celebrated by going out of town. What an amazing trip. To New York, Paris, Venice and others, all in a three day weekend:) We went to Vegas!
Back in July, I wrote the following post.
I was all excited about the new adventure we would have. I now look silly talking about worldly destinations and ending up in Vegas. I am saying the following, not to brag, but as to not look like a fool. We do have a big trip planned for June but it is a once a year sort of thing that didn't fall on our anniversary date.
Back to my story...
We woke up sooooo early and flew to Vegas, without my sidekick. He stayed with his aunt Rachael. This is the very longest I have left him and up until I boarded that plane, I was not sure I was gonna go through with it. When we got there we had the wonderful buffet at our Hotel. I forgot all about the buffet aspect of Vegas. Crab legs for breakfast and a zillion other things. Yum. We finally got checked into our room around 11 and took a nap. After my nap we met up with my dad to explore the "Strip." No we did not bring my dad with us on our anniversary trip. Crazy coincidence, he ended up there that same weekend. He lives in Orange County so it's not like we knew the other was going. He was there for NASCAR. I'm laughing as I type the word. So the entire trip Josh and I played this game. It was called "NASCAR fan." It was simple. Whoever sees the NASCAR fan first, shouts or whispers it wins. I kicked trash, except the last day when I was in my wheelchair. From down there I couldn't tell and Josh did much better. But the NASCAR fan either had on NASCAR gear, hats, jackets, shirts, or totally looked like a redneck, or my favorite was cowboy boots, tight jeans and carrying his own case of bear while walking down the "Strip." He was too cheap to buy drink from the bars, he went to the local Wal-mart and brought his own case.
My dad is not the typical NASCAR fan but his boss gave him the tickets and paid for the trip.

As we were out exploring, I had several disappointments. 1) M&M Factory. Not what it used to be. It used to have huge tubes of every color of the rainbow M&M's. Not so much. Just a giant overpriced souvenir shop. 2) Coke Factory. Used to offer a tour for $2 that let you walk around learn about Coke and sample all the different products, including drinks from other countries, not found in the USA. No longer do that. Another crappy souvenir shop! Almost made me turn into a Pepsi fan.
However in the Caesars Palace F0rum Shops, there was an aquarium in which a man was scuba diving. There was this Shark he was holding. I was sure the shark hated it. Until the man tried to let him go and the shark didn't want to go. After a few minutes the shark did swim away only to come back moments later and swim right back into the mans arms, to be rubbed. That was the highlight of my afternoon.The other highlight of my day was the guys, hundreds of them, on the streets passing out nudey pictures. Another aspect I forgot Vegas had. Boy were Josh's eyes opened! Anyway they were my favorite for 2 reasons. 1) they had this cool technique of snapping the cards macking a loud rhythmic noise to catch your attention and I loved the noise. 2) When we were headed back we saw police cars with two of these guys in handcuffs on the ground. On top of the nudey magazine dispenser was quite a bit of marijuana in baggies and some coke. Not the kind from the afore mentioned stop. I saw a drug bust up close and personal and it was neato:)
So we explored and then Josh and I went to the Excalibur for the "Tournament of Kings" show.
It was super dorky and Josh loved it. He could not stop watching. It's dinner and a show and Josh couldn't take the time to eat. I finished my food and looked at his plate and he's maybe 30% done. It was too cute.
I had us sit in Norway's section, Since Josh is a big fan of Norway. What a wuss! Norway didn't last 2 seconds in the jousting or any other battle. Next time, Viva la France!
Here's our King. The king of Norway. Didn't know he was a 12 year old!
Great fun, just the same. We sure cheered our hearts out for this weakling.
I however really loved the muscle men put into the show.
At the end we got our pictures with some pretty ladies.
Then we went down to the carnival and Josh won me a stuffed tiger. I was very impressed! Me, not to be out done, won him a wizard hat. Mine was not nearly as hard of a game to win.
If you look closely, I'm holding the tiger he won and he's wearing the hat I won. Both have since been claimed by Aiden:)
Walking back after the show we stopped at the Mirage and watched the FREE water show. This was a must since nothing is free in Vegas! Well I guess this was...
And if you thought the party was over, you have never been to Vegas. It had only just begun. On we headed to the Stratosphere. WOW! at the top of that there tall building, are the 3 craziest rides ever! And I know because I seek out these types of rides. we have "Insanity" This one was the worst for me. I hated it. Josh did much better on it. I will NEVER ride it again. I thought I would die or vomit. We have a picture of us on this ride but I can't get it to upload, and as if this post wasn't long enough!"X-Scream" was a giant teeter totter over the edge. Also pretty big rush. I think it would have been better in the front seat. It is that little green thing to the right. but certainly not least, My ALL time favorite, the "Big Shot." I am in love with this ride. Rode it 6 times this night. Could have kept going but they closed at 2am. Also have some pretty great pictures from that ride but my computer must know I scanned them from copy righted images ;) Thus ends our first day in Vegas!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Both Worlds

FYI: I am am current writer on both blogs. I leave the posts about Aiden on the '"private" blog. That is where his stories and pictures our. I am sure you were starting to wonder if I actually did sell him, like I am continually threatening to do. It's not that I no longer love him, since I write on both, I can feel more secure that creepy people aren't looking at my adorable son. So creepy people, "Continue to look at me and Josh :) But my little man is off limits." And friends, continue to check out both blogs, as to make life more confusing and chaotic. I aim to please....

Foot Update

Humpty Dumpty too, had a great fall!

Foot Update Timeline
Tuesday, February 24th - Fell down the stairs. Life as I know it was over, Fear of amputation :)
Wednesday - Was able to limp around and stay off of it most of the day
Thursday - Felt much better, called and canceled my podiatrist appointment, because I am cheap and didn't want to pay for the specialist to tell me nothing was wrong and it would just take some time to heal.
Friday - Horrible pain again. It figures.
Saturday - Left very early for our anniversary trip. Again being stupid, I didn't want to take the crutches, because I felt like a dork. When we arrived at our destination, we took a nap and I felt amazing afterwards. I had figured out a way to walk on the side of my foot that didn't hurt too bad and didn't make me look like a gimp.
Sunday - Slept in and only walked a minimal amount to our show. After the show, was unable to walk at all and Josh had to give me a piggy back all the way to our Hotel. Stupid me again for walking so much the day before. Note to self. "Self, If things feel good after an injury, still take it easy and allow for complete healing." OK. Got it.
Monday was an unable to walk day , much like the very first day. So we got a wheelchair and Josh had fun pushing me around like a maniac. At some points it was frightening. I of course being the smart a** that I am would say things, such as, when we would get too close to the busy street, "Be careful, I don't want to get hit by a car again." Implying that was why I was in the wheelchair. Or when we would come upon stairs or an escalator, "Don't get too close, I don't want to fall down the stairs again." Which was actually a true statement, but made the constant hoards of people around us look at Josh funny for taking me so close to the thing that caused me anguish. I know I'm evil.
Which leads us to today. I am just trying to take it easy. I am reconsidering going to the podiatrist. On one hand, it get to the point that is soo bad I again cannot even walk. On the left hand, I am not doing a good job of staying off of it and alowing it to heal. When it feels well enough to walk on, I do. So today the house will stay messy, Josh will have to find his own dinner ans Aiden might not get all the attention he needs. I'll keep you posted.
As for all the comments about the previous post. What can people do to help???? I am sure Aiden would love to go to everbody's houses and play, but I honestly really miss him. ALOT. Thanks everybody for offering. I may need help yet and I will let you know.

So much to post, so little time

I have been away from my computer for 3 whole days! In those days I had constant thoughts of things to blog about. They were all really witty and great, I promise. Too bad I can't remember most of them:(
I did have some thoughts. Controversial thoughts. Most may not agree with but I have to say it. But first my disclaimer....
This is our blog, well mostly mine since Josh never posts anymore. If you don't like what I write, don't read it anymore. It doesn't hurt me in the least if you stop reading. But if you do continue to read, please, please, don't send me an email disagreeing with my opinion. Write it on your blog, where I can chose to read it or not. Don't write comments that I will just delete after I read them. To each their own, that is why I have this outlet.
Onward. Last week Josh's step-grandfather died. They have only been married a couple years and we were just terrible at getting to know him and spending time with him. So as I relay part of this story I am certain I have facts and info wrong. But that isn't really the point. I'll get to the point. So Josh's step-grandpa, Hans, was as I understood it, pretty good friends with President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, of the LDS First Presidency. I guess some years back Hans was his personal pilot. Spent 5 hours a day in a plane with him. I think that would make you friends. Anyways, Hans passed away and at the viewing on Thursday night President Uchtdorf was there. He said he really wanted to speak at Hans' funeral (I guess they had asked him) but he couldn't because he had to be at Larry H. Millers funeral that same day. That upset me. I understand Mr. Miller is a big guy in Utah (in more way than one) but I HATE the politics that go with the Church. Because such a famous Mormon died you can't be at your friends funeral. I hope your mother doesn't die the same day as Marie Osmond (she is obviously my favorite famous Mormon). It just bugged me super bad. And on that note, I also hate that part of my tithing goes to pay tuition for students at BYU. That bugs me pretty bad also. Now that I have said my share of dislikes about my religion, I will leave you with that. Have a good day :)