Monday, March 30, 2009

Very Important Call

Aiden was walking around the family room tonight with his fake phone from his kitchen set. Boy did he have a lot to say. Quite a lot. He talked forever. Walking around, once he let me talk but then he needed to get right back to his conversation. It was late and I said it was probably time for bed. He ignored me and kept right on talking. Josh said, can't you see he's busy on the phone. So I let him continue. He moved onto my office and after a while I called to him, "Aiden, you off the phone?" He answered so non chalantly, "yah". So then he went to bed. He's not like his mommy or daddy, we both hate talking on the phone. Soon he'll learn to text. :)


Than & Lina said...

Awww. I love it!

alison said...

You should teach him how to read properly before the texting starts, its all grammarically down hill after that. Aight?

alison said...

He called me yesterday. I talked to him for a minute then you grabbed the phone and hung it up. I am sure he was as sad as I was :)