Sunday, March 22, 2009

THE Movie

Seriously! Seriiiously! Seeeaariously! SER-I-OUS-LY! seriously?
I don't even want to talk about it. I knew it would be bad, every movie is after you have read the book. But this bad.... I guess I do want to talk about it. Did any of the actors read the book before the starred in the movie? That may have been helpful. Horrible, horrible, horrible. I DEMAND a remake! I don't care that it will be the exact same story line. I want better acting, better effects, better make-up, and better music, what crappy music. I understand it was "a low budget" film, but didn't any body read the book and see what a hype was being built of it and think to themselves, this would be a good investment, lets help fund this film? Nobody? Everything else in today's world is a risky investment why not spend some money on a movie? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH. I can't go on. REMAKE I plead!

I have to say as horribly disappointed as I was, I still continue on this reckless train. My wonderful husband, who I rarely give enough credit to, took my lighthearted suggestion to go to Wal-mart at 1 am, just after finishing a wretched movie, to get me the second book, whole heartedly headed off to the store, with a "Do you need anything else?" How sweet and amazing. Not even a complaint.
I do ask this, What is wrong with me? Why do I want to continue reading? This is not my style. Granted I haven't read much for years. Before this thing called "life" started, I read a bunch. Good serious, highly acclaimed books. With real subjects. Like that one, Eye Contact? What was it called? Mom, do you read my blog? Are you reading this? You never comment so I don't know. Yet sometimes you seem to know things that I haven't told you that I figured you read here. If so, Mom, leave a comment with the name of that book.

When I was pregnant it was all pregnancy books, all of course contradicting each other and sending me into quite the tizzy to find another book that may or may not agree with one of the others. Not to mention the Doctor's and nurses that contradict each other. Again, I digress.

Then Aiden came along and if I did get the rare opportunity to read, it was parenting books, and books on, "What the hell have I gotten myself into?" So I guess I understand the need to have some FUN, casual, lighthearted, not serious reading in my life right now. Even though I am sorely disappointed in myself.
So as to not leave any spoilers, I will just say I am more than half way through the second book (thank goodness for Sundays and Daddy being home) and I am not as impressed. But just like a train wreck I can not seem to pull my eyes away:)
Happy Reading...


alison said...

Last night we were over at Mark's friends house for games and they wanted to watch the movie and I was like nooooooooo way, and they were like, but its so cool, and I was like, ahhhhhhhhhhhh! So because I am a total brat and always get my way we didn't watch it and i am glad, very glad! I will stick to my Buffy and Angel and all of the geeky original vampires!!!

Tiffany said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you. I loved the books so much and the movie totally killed it for me. They have a new director and a lot more money so I'm hoping the 2nd will be better. But I really wish they would just start all over.

jamie lynette said...

Bella was WAY too confident in the movie and Edward wasn't confident enough! I'm with you on demanding a remake! It was totally geared towards gothic really didn't do anything in the way of convincing Travis that they are good books. Bad movie.

I hated the 1st part of book 2 as well...but like you I kept reading and I am glad I did!

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Rach & Kids said...

Yes, the book is called Eye Contact... I read it too. I read a lot more than you think. Yes, the movie was really low budget and kinda corny, but I hear it's better the second time and with a sense of humor... read the other books... I liked them a lot. they're like 600+ pages each though... that was a drag.