Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aiden's Blog

I know you all thing this is Aiden's Blog. But it's not. He has his own. It's not public, it's more of a journal where Josh and I write stuff about him and to him. I was writing something tonight and saw this post by Josh and I think it's one for everybody.

On April 20th, 2008

Joce couldn't handle the whole two hour walk. Aiden begrudgingly
shared his ride.

Yesterday's Trash

I was just cleaning up Aiden's room and was reminded of this story. Aiden's room is Noah's Ark themed. So he has lots of Ark toys. One of which is a wooden ark with matching sets of wooden animals. Well months ago, the dogs got a hold of one of the Tigers. I found it on the floor in the family room and said, "Well I guess this is going in the garbage, It's poor mate will be lonely." Josh said, "Why?" I said it's crippled and useless now. He said, "If I was crippled and useless would you throw me away."
I remembered this now, because I just picked up the crippled, useless tiger off Aiden's floor and put him back in the ark with all the other animals. However when Aiden gets a sliver from that thing, it's going in the trash. Sorry Honey.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Click Your Heels Together

New York - Day 9
We are finally going home. Today we slept in a bit.
Then since our flight was in the evening, Aiden and I decided to head out into the city one last time.
I think Aiden was a little concerned about it. Since it was just he and I. So he left a trail of fruit loops for us to find our way back.

We made it to the airport and as cute as this little boy looks, he had turned into a monster by this point in the vacation. There was a lot of screaming and tantrums.
We did get upgraded on the flight home to "business class" I guess it's not called first class anymore. This is one of the very few perks of having a husband that travels a lot. Aiden was a bit of a brat and I am sure the "business" folks were wondering how a child got into their section. Ha Ha..

Sunday, June 22, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

New York - Day 8
Homeward Bound or so we thought. Packed up ALL our stuff. Our flight didn't leave until about 8pm so we went out on the town. Then at our last stop before heading to the airport, Josh checked his E-mail on his I-Phone and discovered our flight has been canceled. Josh called and found out that they canceled the flight due to weather and they can get us out on Tuesday night. So that meant we would have to pay for 2 more nights hotel in NYC! Funny thing though, Delta was still flying out of JFK. I guess Jet Blue's Terminal was having bad weather but no others were. So Jet Blue has a clause that if the flight is canceled due to weather, there is nothing they have to due to compensate you. They don't have to pay for hotels or get us on another flight anytime soon. NICE:( SO NEVER ever fly Jet Blue.
Any way, we manged to get a Delta flight out tomorrow evening, this only cost us $850 and one nights hotel room $300. But we are getting a $300 refund from Jet Blue. That was nice of them. If I had just booked Delta from the beginning it would have only cost $50 more. Why oh why....
One more thing about Jet Blue, Rachael's flight into JFK was canceled due to weather. THey told her she wouldn't get out until the next evening. I told her to call them back and tell them they needed to reimburse her for our musical. Then they found her a flight. It wasn't non-stop like her original flight. It had a layover in Vegas, but funny thing, it arrived in JFK about the same time as the original flight was scheduled. How is it that weather canceled a nonstop flight into JFK but a flight from Vegas can arrive at the same scheduled time? Convienent excuse to not have to compensate people for their troubles. Apparently Jet BLue has different weather at their different gates.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Houston we have a problem

And this is it....
I think I did a little bit of shopping. I found a few more bags after I had taken this picture:) Needless to say, we are going to buy another suitcase.

New York - Day 7
Our original plan was to go see the Statue of Liberty today but a 2 hour line just to get on the ferry and no access inside the statue made us reconsider.

Rachael and I found Josh and Aiden sleeping here, while we were at a mall. We were waiting to go on a boat tour.
So we saw the statue from a distance

Then we had lunch/dinner at The Stage Door Deli. This is where Josh and I ate when we stopped over in New York on our way to Europe 4 years ago.

Charm School

I have mentioned it on many occasions but my son is quite the charmer. If they only knew...

Strangers cannot stop commenting on "how cute" and "how happy" he is. I agree, but it just amazes us how many comments he gets. Today on a boat tour some oriental girls asked in their best English and hand gestures if they could take pictures of him. They spent probably 20 minutes with him taking pictures and playing with him. He was the main attraction. I prefered the Statue of Liberty and the yummy nachos.
Last night while we were finishing up in a store, Josh and Aiden went ahead of us to Hard Rock Cafe. When I got there some lady was holding my son while Josh was trying on a jacket. I went to get him from her and she asked if she had to give him back. I thought she was just being helpful while Josh tried it on. But she held him throughout the entire transaction and gave him a gift.

He is a big hit in the elevators every day.
All this popularity is going to his head. Tonight he was exceptionally bratty at dinner, Josh had to keep taking him out. The last time, He found this couple with a dog and asked to see their dog. They said they were just going to ask if they could see the baby. I took care of the bill and go to find Josh, and again a stranger is holding my baby.
Later, We were sitting by the river on a walkway letting Aide get some of his energy out and people just walked up to him, talk to him, pick him up.
We did find somebody he didn't like. We walked by a street performer and lots of little kids were going up to him and getting toy army guys from him. Aiden is really fasinated by different people, so I thought he would like this guy, Boy did he NOT.

You have to click on the picture to the right to see his initial face when meeting this guy. I could not believe there was somebody Aiden didn't like.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Running out of Clever Titles

New York - Day 7
Yet another shopping day! It was exhausting. So much walking. We took Aiden back to the room for a nap and went and got our feet massaged. Oh yeah Josh was back from work. We didn't just leave him there alone, silly. Rachael was a little nervous. She had heard talk of happy endings.
Then it was another night out on the town. New York City's finest. And by finest, I mean good looking.

The best looking is the middle one in Red.
My sister in law told me about Serendipity and their frozen hot chocolate. So we had dinner there.

And desert.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


New York - Day 6 (Thursday) My Favorite Day

Rachael, Aiden and I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have already expressed how I feel about museums.

Aiden, and what I would think should be in a History Museum, but I guess it's art.

My kind of Art. Who knew all those balloon guys were artists.

Then we walked through Central Park. What a BIG park. We passed a fun playground and I saw this fountain in there. You know how much the boy loves water. I couldn't not let him play in it.

Then onto the Central Park Zoo. It made the little guy SOOOO happy. I think this had to be his favorite part of the entire vacation. He misses his doggy friends so much. He was trying to jump out of his stroller to get the goats. I have him on video making the cutest noises. We fed the goats Fruit Loops. (shhh don't tell).

He also really liked the penguins. The glass was ice cold to touch. But he stared at them for a really long time. Of course you can't see any penguins in this picture but there were a lot of them.

There are some monkeys on the rock to the left of Aiden. He wanted to go live with his fellow beings, but I told him I would miss him too much.

At the gift shop I got him this stuffed penguin. Aiden named him "UP." It is his new favorite word, since he always wants to be held. Aiden was throwing him in the street and on the subway, I was telling him, "Don't throw, "Up". " To those who didn't know his penguin was named "Up" they were watching out for vomit.
Then in the evening my wonderful husband took me to see "Wicked." I have been dying to see it. I have always had a sort of obsession with "The Wizard of Oz." Then I read the Wicked book and Loved it. The musical was amazing! I can't wait to see it again.
After the show we rode in one of these neato bicycle taxi's to dinner. It was pretty awesome weaving in and out of New York traffic in Times Square.

My Favorite Day in New York...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lung Cancer

I have never smoked anything, ever. So when I die of lung cancer, let it be known, it was from this vacation. Everybody and their dog smoke here. Us and poor baby Aiden and are constantly inhaling second hand smoke.

New York - Day 5
Today we continued with the bus tours, we saw Uptown New York. We saw Needle Park, which is NOT named that because it is shaped like a needle. Something to do with the 80's and drugs... We also saw where our tour guide found his first body. NICE. Rachael found her future husband in Harlem.

Aiden and Rachael in front of the Met.
After the first couple of days, we were overly prepared.

We ate lunch at a nice Deli. But the sandwiches were $20 each! NO fries or chips with that.
I tried to feed him something healthy but he wouldn't give up the pickle.

Some crazy sculpture near our hotel room.
Josh is working his behind off while Rachael, Aiden and I play. It's fun and there is quite a bit of walking going on. We are lucky to get to come with Daddy on his work trips.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bus Stops Here

New York - Day 4 ( I originally put day 3 but went to upload my pictures and found out we have already had a day 3)

Today Aunt Rachael flew in to help out with Aiden, because as we all know, Aiden is more than a handful, he's at least four handfuls.
We took the double decker bus around New York and Brooklyn.
We happened by the Naked Cowboy.
The Empire State Building

Doesn't it just look like he's saying, "CHEESE".
I was preparing for rain, so of course it didn't come, but I was stylin'.

Then Josh "Babysat" in the evening and it was girls night out. We saw an off-broadway show called "Altar Boys". Pretty Funny

And went to Hard Rock Cafe for Dinner. Those are all guitars behind us.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Today Josh had to go to work so it was just me and Aiden. We didn't get lost and we did alot of shopping. I'd say that is one successful day! We went to Soho which apparently is THE place to shop. Aiden got a great Fall/Winter wardrobe. I didn't take any pictures throughout the day, but here are all the cute new clothes he got. Check out those jeans. They have a guitar stitched on the pocket.

This is a cute suit that was made in Italy. I was told of a store "Daffy's" that had designer clothes for a major discount. (This would have retailed for $233)
Awesome Snow Suit
Can we say "Christmas Story"

Aiden showing off his new pants, at dinner.

After Josh got home we had dinner and went for night walk along the river. I was trying to capture Aiden and the Statue of Liberty, if you look really closely near the center....
...You still won't see it. But it was there I promise.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

There's a monster loose in Central Park

Oh wait, it just Aiden
New York - Day 2
Today we slept in and missed the church we were planning on going to, but the was a YSA ward at 1pm. Trying to get to church it was "raining buckets" as Josh put it. Unfortunately Josh didn't remember yesterday and he wore his white shorts. Fortunately he did were underwear.
So we went downtown to the Temple and found a note stating they were worshipping elsewhere. We thought we could at least catch 30 minutes of church. We hopped on the subway to go there, got off and walked 9 blocks and realized we were not even close, so we gave up and went to Starbucks. Then we walked through a really neat street fair. Next stop Central Park so Aiden can get some of his energy out.
Yummy Yummy.

"You have some leftover stick on your face."

Onto the Museum of Natural Bordem, I mean History...

Aiden, Eating a New York City Hot Dog.

The view from our hotel room.
If you press your face against the far right side and look left between 2 buildings, you can see the Statue of Liberty.Now we are back at the hotel for some rest. Aiden was playing on the bed with Josh. I hear some snoring. Then I hear a yell, "He just bit my nose and it hurt." Maybe you shouldn't fall asleep while your watching the baby.
Happy Father's Day, Dad.