Friday, June 6, 2008

My Movie Reviews

I have thought about having a seperate blog for my reviews. I have an opinion about everthing. Last night we saw "What Happens In Vegas." It was laugh out loud funny. Seriously, we have not heard a theater full of people (not just the kid who smelled like pot, sitting next to me) laugh out loud in a real long time. It got bad reviews from the paid critics but, they are dead wrong on this one. Funny Stuff. Might just buy it for a good laugh.
Saw "Indiana Jones," last week. Didn't love it. Would wait for the dollar theater or video. Biggest qualms, tree flying with the monkeys scene. Not just fake, but not even trying to make it look real. Second, The lady Indiana hooks up with (same lady from first 2 movies), OK granted you probably haven't been in another movie in 15 years, but you should drop a few pounds. You are being seen on the big screen. And get some of those silicone fake boobs to stuff in your bra. They are only $15 at Wal-Mart. Plus she had a granny bum. So it was hard for me to see why Indian would hook up with her. If somebody is paying you lots of money to be in a movie as a love interest, higher a personal trainer for Pete's sake.
"Narnia, Prince Caspian." Really liked this movie, but I can't give it a thorough review due to the fact that the fire alarm went off half way through and we spend over an hour outside in the cold waiting to go back in. It was opening night for Indian Jones and the theater was packed. I felt bad for all those Jones fans at the time, but after seeing Indiana, I bet they were glad for the break.

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