Saturday, June 21, 2008

Charm School

I have mentioned it on many occasions but my son is quite the charmer. If they only knew...

Strangers cannot stop commenting on "how cute" and "how happy" he is. I agree, but it just amazes us how many comments he gets. Today on a boat tour some oriental girls asked in their best English and hand gestures if they could take pictures of him. They spent probably 20 minutes with him taking pictures and playing with him. He was the main attraction. I prefered the Statue of Liberty and the yummy nachos.
Last night while we were finishing up in a store, Josh and Aiden went ahead of us to Hard Rock Cafe. When I got there some lady was holding my son while Josh was trying on a jacket. I went to get him from her and she asked if she had to give him back. I thought she was just being helpful while Josh tried it on. But she held him throughout the entire transaction and gave him a gift.

He is a big hit in the elevators every day.
All this popularity is going to his head. Tonight he was exceptionally bratty at dinner, Josh had to keep taking him out. The last time, He found this couple with a dog and asked to see their dog. They said they were just going to ask if they could see the baby. I took care of the bill and go to find Josh, and again a stranger is holding my baby.
Later, We were sitting by the river on a walkway letting Aide get some of his energy out and people just walked up to him, talk to him, pick him up.
We did find somebody he didn't like. We walked by a street performer and lots of little kids were going up to him and getting toy army guys from him. Aiden is really fasinated by different people, so I thought he would like this guy, Boy did he NOT.

You have to click on the picture to the right to see his initial face when meeting this guy. I could not believe there was somebody Aiden didn't like.

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meg2000 said...

I can totally relate to people wanting to hold him and play with him. Everyday when I check your blog, I want to pull him out of the pictures and hug him and play.

He takes after his Dad! Josh constantly drew a crowd. It went on until he was four or five. (or maybe I just didn't notice anymore because I was chasing Lina by then.)

We were in Hawaii and a group of Japanese tourists came and did the same some English and hand jestures wanting to take his picture. I shook my head yes and smiled. (I didn't know about hyper focusing at that time.)
He was busy working on a sand creation and absolutely would not turn his head toward us. You know how he is about sand! I'm working on forgiving him now I know about his hyper focusing.
Josh really was a beautiful child. At the time of the sand incident he was really tanned beautifully and his hair was sun bleached a striking 'White'.