Sunday, June 22, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

New York - Day 8
Homeward Bound or so we thought. Packed up ALL our stuff. Our flight didn't leave until about 8pm so we went out on the town. Then at our last stop before heading to the airport, Josh checked his E-mail on his I-Phone and discovered our flight has been canceled. Josh called and found out that they canceled the flight due to weather and they can get us out on Tuesday night. So that meant we would have to pay for 2 more nights hotel in NYC! Funny thing though, Delta was still flying out of JFK. I guess Jet Blue's Terminal was having bad weather but no others were. So Jet Blue has a clause that if the flight is canceled due to weather, there is nothing they have to due to compensate you. They don't have to pay for hotels or get us on another flight anytime soon. NICE:( SO NEVER ever fly Jet Blue.
Any way, we manged to get a Delta flight out tomorrow evening, this only cost us $850 and one nights hotel room $300. But we are getting a $300 refund from Jet Blue. That was nice of them. If I had just booked Delta from the beginning it would have only cost $50 more. Why oh why....
One more thing about Jet Blue, Rachael's flight into JFK was canceled due to weather. THey told her she wouldn't get out until the next evening. I told her to call them back and tell them they needed to reimburse her for our musical. Then they found her a flight. It wasn't non-stop like her original flight. It had a layover in Vegas, but funny thing, it arrived in JFK about the same time as the original flight was scheduled. How is it that weather canceled a nonstop flight into JFK but a flight from Vegas can arrive at the same scheduled time? Convienent excuse to not have to compensate people for their troubles. Apparently Jet BLue has different weather at their different gates.

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Tiffany said...

Sounds like you had fun in NY and are doing well! CUTE pics! Your little one is so adorable! I can't believe how fast he has grown up! It was good to hear from you! Now that i have started to blog i prefer it to facebook as well. Haha.