Friday, June 6, 2008

Dave & Shelly's

This previous weekend we went to Southern Utah to see our friends baby Sakira, be blessed. These are the same friends we went on the cruise with. We had a lot of fun and Aiden LOVED hanging out with their other daughter Kiana. He has a thing for older women.
Saturday we went to Sand Hollow Reservoir. I am glad Aiden loves water so much, but it was a little too cold for me.

Kiana didn't like the cold water much to begin with either

What a cutie!

Aahh... The Lazy Dayz of Summer!

This is an interesting rock.
Dave & Josh pushing around the kids.
Aiden wasn't too interested in the new baby. However once while Josh was supposed to be watching him, I walked into the room and saw him gently tapping her with whatever he was holding in his hand at the moment. Sorry Sakira.
He really liked the goats, horse and chickens Dave & Shelly have. I guess I wasn't very good at taking pictures this weekend.
Thank You Dave, Shelly, Kiana and baby Sakira!

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