Monday, June 16, 2008


Today Josh had to go to work so it was just me and Aiden. We didn't get lost and we did alot of shopping. I'd say that is one successful day! We went to Soho which apparently is THE place to shop. Aiden got a great Fall/Winter wardrobe. I didn't take any pictures throughout the day, but here are all the cute new clothes he got. Check out those jeans. They have a guitar stitched on the pocket.

This is a cute suit that was made in Italy. I was told of a store "Daffy's" that had designer clothes for a major discount. (This would have retailed for $233)
Awesome Snow Suit
Can we say "Christmas Story"

Aiden showing off his new pants, at dinner.

After Josh got home we had dinner and went for night walk along the river. I was trying to capture Aiden and the Statue of Liberty, if you look really closely near the center....
...You still won't see it. But it was there I promise.

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{ Bethany } said...

Oooooo cute clothes!!! I am loving all the new pics of Aiden, he is SO big now!!!! When did that happen?!?!? Cute little chompers..