Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wedding Dress For Sale

No I'm not selling mine. Things haven't gotten that bad yet. But I am cleaning out the house which in turn is making for a messier house for the time being. But I have my first wedding dress. About a week before our wedding I decided it just wasn't what I was looking for so 4 days before we flew to Hawaii we bought a different one.
So I am selling the one that has no sentimental value. If you know anybody getting hitched pass this along.

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's finally happened

I said I would never do this, but I have. I have gone private. Not for the reason most people do but because I am starting a new blog and there are people I don't want reading it. I am tired of refraining from saying things because I am afraid of who will read it and be offended.

The reason for starting this blog, I stole the current blog we have from Josh. It was his way before I existed. When the only people who blogged, were nerds. Check previous posts from years ago. You will see what I mean. Josh was ok with this being a family blog, but I feel like I have taken over. I want him to be able to go back to writing the things that interest him. So my new blog is at It will mostly be about me and of course my side kick Aiden. Email me or comment if you want to be added to my new blog. I won't be writing to this on anymore, so be sure and add the new blog address to your toolbars. Happy Blogging.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I think it was homicide. He tried to do it again last night, but there was no water in the tub. Poor Bear.

Sick Day

Today Aiden and I stayed home from church sick. He puked on me last night. That's twice now. I know twice in 18 months, I shouldn't complain. But I am. I am complaining because puke is my thing. We all have a thing and puke is mine.
So today we have been playing guitar hero. It is crazy addicting. Parker plays bass, Rachael plays guitar and I am on vocals. Early on before the 2 little ones got tired of it, they each had an American Idol microphone, that came in a happy meal. Bella sat next to me and Aiden on my lap and we all sang. It was hilarious, even my little baby sang, who knows what into his microphone. I didn't have that great of a score because I kept laughing at the kids. I wish we had it on camera or even better video. Even sick my little guy was rockin out with me.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Under Investigation

This is a long post to lead to one cute picture, but you must know the background or should I say evidence...
We have this very large stuffed bear that I bought at the Autism walk almost a year ago. It sits high on a stand in our family room and Aiden has never really paid much attention to it. Except today, I was running around and he was standing in the same spot saying, "bear", "bear", "bear" (side note: I knew he could say bear, but isn't it so amazing when they do it on their very own without you asking or saying it first?) So I got the bear down for him and he carried it around for a while.

Preface: A bit earlier I had given Aiden a bath. When Aiden decides he wants out, he want out NOW. We have a big jacuzzi tub and it has arm rests that Aiden uses for steps to help himself out which is super scary for me. So up he goes. He's done. I grab his towel and pull him the rest of the way out. Never pulling the plug to let the tub drain. There just isn't time, he's up he's out and on to getting the diaper on and clothes. Then I forget.

Later I'm in there putting on my make up. He of course is in there with me. I keep hearing splashes and I am just thinking he is dropping the shampoo, conditioner, baby wash, bath toys etc.. in the water. Keep in mind I am not, not watching my son. I am right in the same tiny room with him. I finish my make up and grab him so we can leave, but wait what do I see..

I didn't know Aiden still had Bear with him. Poor thing. Was is Suicide or Homicide?

Bear is still in critical condition and we are waiting to see if he pulls through.

There was also one of my socks under Bear in the tub.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The BIG move

So I guess it's official. We have moved into our newish house. I have so many things to blog about but as with any move, cannot find the contraption to download pictures. So soon young Padawon, soon.

I call this our essential move. Not that it was essential for us to move, but that we only moved our essentials. So pretty much everyday, sometimes multiple times, I have to head back to my parents house to recover things that were left.
Even better, the upstairs doesn't have doors on the rooms yet. So run downstairs to use the potty. And imagine Aiden trying to go to sleep without a door. And Josh is SUPER thrilled the the master bedroom doesn't have a door. Lets just say nothin's going on in there until a door is put on.
Isabella already had a sleepover last night and she did really well sleeping downstairs all by herself. Parker told me everyday before the move "I am really going to miss Aiden." He's been over everyday but today. He also says, "How am I going to keep the promise I made to him when he was born?" (they flew out to Maryland to see him born). " I promised to pruteck him." (He means protect but usually doesn't say it right).

I haven't slept well yet, but I am thinking tonights the night. Or tomorrow night, or the next...

Hopefully tomorrow I will have downloaded some pictures and have so many more great stories to tell, like how Josh forgot to re-light the pilot light after attempting to hook up the stove. And Aiden ran around the house naked waiting for the water to heat up so he could take a bath for his new imposed bedtime of 8:30, which didn't happen due to said experience. Mommy finally put him in and would heat up bowls of water in the microwave to warm up the tub. Only later to discover that he waited naked to long and peed two small puddles on his big boy bed, which he doesn't sleep in because I am not ready for that. Oh and I made Josh smell the pee to make sure it wasn't the dogs, who would then have had their noses rubbed in it and be spanked.
Since we are new age parents and we don't spank (the kid), we just rubbed Aiden's nose in it and put him in "time out" ;)