Friday, January 9, 2009

Under Investigation

This is a long post to lead to one cute picture, but you must know the background or should I say evidence...
We have this very large stuffed bear that I bought at the Autism walk almost a year ago. It sits high on a stand in our family room and Aiden has never really paid much attention to it. Except today, I was running around and he was standing in the same spot saying, "bear", "bear", "bear" (side note: I knew he could say bear, but isn't it so amazing when they do it on their very own without you asking or saying it first?) So I got the bear down for him and he carried it around for a while.

Preface: A bit earlier I had given Aiden a bath. When Aiden decides he wants out, he want out NOW. We have a big jacuzzi tub and it has arm rests that Aiden uses for steps to help himself out which is super scary for me. So up he goes. He's done. I grab his towel and pull him the rest of the way out. Never pulling the plug to let the tub drain. There just isn't time, he's up he's out and on to getting the diaper on and clothes. Then I forget.

Later I'm in there putting on my make up. He of course is in there with me. I keep hearing splashes and I am just thinking he is dropping the shampoo, conditioner, baby wash, bath toys etc.. in the water. Keep in mind I am not, not watching my son. I am right in the same tiny room with him. I finish my make up and grab him so we can leave, but wait what do I see..

I didn't know Aiden still had Bear with him. Poor thing. Was is Suicide or Homicide?

Bear is still in critical condition and we are waiting to see if he pulls through.

There was also one of my socks under Bear in the tub.

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