Tuesday, September 21, 2010

3 Year Stats

Aiden went to the doctor the same day as Owen, but I wanted some cute 3 year old photos to go with it.
His stats:
29 pounds. 20th percentile.
HIP HIP HOORAY!! On the charts, Finally!
Although, we have cut his hair now, so he probably weighs less.
37 inches tall. 50th percentile

Monday, September 6, 2010


Josh got an all expenses paid trip to Cabo San Lucas Mexico, from work! It was exciting but I had to leave my little boy. Not Owen, cuz he's still attached at the boob. I cried every day except the last because I missed Aiden. But it definitely was not a kid friendly resort. He would have turned that place upside down!

How do we begin? The flight was nice. Aiden has never been a good flier, so this was a pleasant change. We get off the plane in Mexico and are pretty much accosted by timeshare salesman! They lie and try to scare you. They wear official badges and tell you they are with airport transport. That they need to see your documents... We've all seen the movies where somebody gets wrongly locked up in an international prison, so there was some fear in me. Not sure if these people really NEEDED to see my info... This happened twice. Mexico was hard for me because every where we went people were trying to sell us something and sometimes forcefully. It got to the point where I found myself being rude. Which under normal circumstances, I don't mind being rude, but on a nice relaxing vacation, I just wanted to be friendly :).

When we did make it to our transport car, finally, they had a big boy car seat for Owen. He was a little confused as to why he was sitting forward and upright.There were several of Josh's co-workers on this trip....
So we had to be social, neither Josh or I enjoy this, so it was uncomfortable at first. Also these were sales people. Josh was 1 of 3 engineers. Sales people like to socialize and have a good time. Poor Owen was up way too late, way too many nights. On this vacation it got to the point when we would finally get back to the room, I would just lay him down and he would crash! This is another swaddle baby, who at home has to be tightly swaddled. But here he was just pooped. One time I insisted on bathing him before I'd let him sleep. So I got him out of the tub, wrapped him in his towel and went to get his jammies. In 2 seconds he was asleep.
Besides the social aspect of it, we mostly just lied around by the pool. They had amazing bed like cabanas. It was a dream.
Sippin Margaritas (virgin) by the pool
View from our Cabana
We stayed at one of those yuppy resorts that actually had a spa treatment for your dog. We found this little cabana. I'm guessing it for for a dog, since they were more dog friendly then kid friendly, BUT Owen fit perfectly :)
(click on this one. it is too cute enlarged)
Kayaking trip. Owen and I rode in a motor boat.

Our Hotel

Hard Rock Cafe. Of Course!

There is a seal on the tip of the rock. Pretty dead center of the photo.

View from our hotel room

Partying way too late one night :)

I'll leave you with Owen playing with a Mexican baby toy. He loved it! That thing got chucked in the garbage when the second bell came off. Why the second, cuz after the first, he just couldn't bear to part with it. Mother of the year I know. Can you say "choking hazard"?