Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pregnancy Update

First with the profile picture of my big Buddha belly.....

Like I would really take a picture of my belly. I'm huge, this hippo is an understatement.

Today was one of the worst days, I didn't get out of bed at all. Normally I have a few hours to clean or make dinner or run errands, but not today. So I called the Doctor. It must be bad if I'm calling the Doc. They want me to go to physical therapy. Which is crazy weird to me. My imagination of that leaves me with unpleasant thoughts. Plus we found out the hard way that our insurance doesn't really cover physical therapy (busted foot, from fall down the stairs). I am still paying the medical bills from the last physical therapist.
So I did some reading and found this http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/pubicpain.htm
It is very accurate and describes a lot of the problems I had with Aiden's pregnancy. Also possibly could have prevented the C-section had I know. This article suggests chiropractic, which we are going to try first since it is much cheaper than physical therapy. It has a name, "Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction". It just means my pelvis is out of alignment. Anyway, I was glad to find this so I now don't just feel like a ninny. I like to put names to my ailments. Makes me feel less like a hypochondriac:). Plus everybody keeps asking me why I need to stay in bed and I don't have a good reason other than to say it hurts real bad to move. So 15 weeks to go and the counnt down is on. Oh and the Tivo is empty:(.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So much pain

For some reason this new child is already insisting on being a pain. I am having lots of cramping and an insane amount of pain down there. Needless to say I am only not in pain when I am lying in bed, but not full lying because the heartburn then kicks in. So sitting up in bed. I really need one of these pillows. Does anybody have one I could borrow for 4 months? Aiden has a little froggy one, but I have concluded I am much too large for it.
I am also super bored and would love any TV series you may have on DVD or any kids movies for when Aiden is with me.

It is not horrible, I can still get out and leave if I need to. This just usually ends in tears and Tylenol. So I am going to try to take it easy to see if the cramping and pain stops.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Terrible Two's

Lately Aiden is being very demanding and bossy. He yells and orders everybody around. He doesn't get this from us, so it must be preschool:)
Yesterday I was super sick and vomiting again so I lied in bed all afternoon. Josh was trying to get Aiden to tell him what he wanted for dinner and I could hear it wasn't working so I came out of my bedroom to offer a few other suggestions. Aiden looks up at me and yells, "Go lay down!". I try to give him choices for dinner. "Go lay down!" I continue to try for dinner, "Gooooooo laaaaaaaaay down!" Alrighty then. Back to bed for me.

I have a terrible habit of only drinking bottled water. Josh will drink anything, and out of convienence I filled an empty bottle of my water up with tap water and put it in the fridge. I wrote Josh's name on it. Yesterday Josh was drinking out of it and Aiden saw. He was yelling at Josh, "Mommy's baba!" Josh told him it had his name on it but he kept yelling at him "Mommy's baba." Baba is what he calls all drinks, even though he is obviously too old for a baba and does not drink out of one.

He was playing with a friend today, who hit him in the face. He held up a fist and in a very stern voice yelled, "Be Nice!" I was proud he didn't use that fist but don't know where he got the fist thing from. I am constantly telling him to be nice, but never hold up my fist.