Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tour de Cure

Josh has given up a lot for us. One of the things, is biking. He used to do it all the time and hasn't had the time. So we decided he should ride in the race for the cure, a diabetes ride with his friends Asiel and Jenny.
It was terrible weather. Rainy, Very Windy, Very Very Cold! Poor guys.
My adorable husband at the start.

The three of them at take off.

A few hours in, me and the boys went and found them on the ride.
Aiden was excited to see his Daddy. BUT he kept wanting to honk the horn at all the bike riders.
They FINISHED!!! 65 torturous miles! We were so PROUD!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 Months

Owen's 4 month check up stats:
Weight 12 lbs. 7 oz. 10th percentile.
Height 2 ft. 8 inches 50th pecentile.
I didn't take pictures on his actual 4 month day, but here they are from his check up day.
Not a happy day

Do those thighs, look like only 10th percentile, to you?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Not much

It isn't that we don't have much going on. We actually have quite a bit going on, but nothing that would interest anybody.
We spend our nights and weekends putting in a fence. We are very close to being done!

Aiden has started sleeping in his big boy bed. My friend told me to just "bite the bullet" and put him in there. It's been interesting. He wakes up a lot earlier then we thought. Before he would hang out in his crib until he heard one of us walking around, which was around 9am. Now he just climbs out of bed, opens his door and comes and finds us. Sometimes as early as 7am. OUCH.
When I was telling the above mentioned friend how it was going, I told her sometimes I'll have to lay down with him for a minute to help get him to sleep. She said she has to do that sometimes too. But what really caught me was what she said after. She said she didn't mind, because they are only this age once and before long they won't want you in bed with them. I really took this to heart. When I have been rocking him to sleep or having to crawl in bed with him, I have been counting the seconds until I could leave. Not wanting to be there. Wanting to be doing something else. Well these last couple weeks I STOPPED all of that. Every time Aiden has asked me to snuggle, I have crawled in bed with him. And it has been a lot! I haven't wanted to get out, I've just been soaking up my little boy. I have held Owen while he falls asleep and then continued to hold him. Rather then try to get him out of my arms as soon as possible to get to the dishes or laundry. I have loved spending these moments with the boys but lets just say you can tell my house has suffered. And I kind of don't care. It's messy and maybe smelly.
When Josh and I lived in Maryland, our last week there, all our stuff was in the moving truck and different members from our church were feeding us dinner. One night we went to this lady's home. Her husband was in Iraq and she had a million small children. I don't know how many, but you know me, more then one is too many. Realistically probably 4 or 5, some very small. Her house was a disaster. I mean sort of gross. She didn't care. At the time I was shocked, but now I finally get it. Her kids were all very loved and you could tell. She gave them attention and played with them and taught them.
Moral of the story is if you come to my house and see it in shambles, I'm learning not to care. I still may apologize for the mess, but I hope to get over that too. I'm not wasting time. I am just spending my time doing better things. I wish I could do both and maybe someday I'll be able to, but I have finally put things in the right priority. I hope I don't forget. I hope the smell doesn't get too bad, that I give in and go back to my old ways.
So that's what we are doing, fence and lots of snuggling and adoring. Not much to you, but the world to me.