Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tour de Cure

Josh has given up a lot for us. One of the things, is biking. He used to do it all the time and hasn't had the time. So we decided he should ride in the race for the cure, a diabetes ride with his friends Asiel and Jenny.
It was terrible weather. Rainy, Very Windy, Very Very Cold! Poor guys.
My adorable husband at the start.

The three of them at take off.

A few hours in, me and the boys went and found them on the ride.
Aiden was excited to see his Daddy. BUT he kept wanting to honk the horn at all the bike riders.
They FINISHED!!! 65 torturous miles! We were so PROUD!!


Than & Lina said...

That's impressive! How long did it take? Way to go, Josh!

Likely said...

Way to go Josh! How great that you could do something that you love again. That would have KILLED me.