Friday, August 27, 2010

Out of Order

I changed the date so it would consist with his 6 month b-day, so scroll down or click on the above :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dieting Sucks!

I decided to only weight myself once a week so I didn't get discouraged after week one I lost 4.5 pounds. Which I guess is good but I want to actually notice and feel smaller.
I am just counting calories and only eating 1200 a day. When you are being strict on how many calories you eat, you find yourself doing crazy things. Like licking the containers. By darn it, I have to count those calories, I better get them!
The reason I am dieting is because Josh was honored to be part of "The President's Club" at his work. I think this means when playing scrategories and you have to list a "President", if the letter is J or A, Then I can now put Josh. But anyway the company is paying for the club to go on a expenses paid trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. That means swim suits, in front of the people Josh works with. I'm terrified!
Wish me luck for week 2. I'm shooting to hit 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Owen Is 6 Months!!!

Have I told you how quickly this has gone by? I mean with Aiden it dragged on. His first 6 months felt like an eternity. But with my little Owen, time has flown! For the most part he has turned into a good baby. The most part....
I LOVE that he has hair. To you it may not seem like much, but to us it's a lot!

Weight: 14lb 7 oz. 8th percentile.
We call him chubby. Strange, but Aiden never really made the charts for weight.
Height: 26.25 inches 50th percentile.
Head: 44.5cm. 75th percentile. "It's a virtual Planetoid."

Do you lay in bed at night thinking of great blog posts but too tired to get out of bed and type them. Then when you awake, you can't remember, and you certainly are not nearly as funny?

I do.

I am dieting! I have never dieted in my life! Thinking to your self, "No surprise there." I always said I would never diet. I love food too much. again with the thinking, "no surprise there." But it has gotten to the point when I head down to The Walmart, (do you call it "The Walmart?" In an effort to be even more trailer trashy, we do, "Gotta go down to The Walmart and pick up some squeeze cheese and crackers!") Where was I? Oh yes, I head down to The Walmart and think, "Do you think they would mind if maybe just this once, I do my shopping in the motor scooter with a basket on front? " That is when you know it is time to diet!!!

So I am dieting! Don't come over, I'm starving!! I'm grumpy!! 2 days in. Wish me luck!