Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have been sooo busy the last few weeks. Josh's little sister got married. I did her engagements pictures and the flowers for her wedding.

My Kitchen after the fact :(
I did photography for a wedding, which included engagement, family, bridal and wedding day photo shoots. I also did the flowers for the wedding.

I have a real estate transaction in the works. Normally you try to wrap these things up in 30-45 days. We are trying to get this done in 2 weeks. Very chaotic, but awesome if it goes through.

We finally went to court for our "little" irrigation ditch problem. If you have had any contact with Josh or I in the last 2 years, you have probably heard us go on and on and on about this. Well we won. They still have the right to appeal, but would be idiots if they did. So I don't consider it over until I have a check in my hands.
Josh got the last part of the fence put in.
And finally I have two little boys that consume every free minute, including the ones that should be spent sleeping.