Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sick Day

Today Aiden and I stayed home from church sick. He puked on me last night. That's twice now. I know twice in 18 months, I shouldn't complain. But I am. I am complaining because puke is my thing. We all have a thing and puke is mine.
So today we have been playing guitar hero. It is crazy addicting. Parker plays bass, Rachael plays guitar and I am on vocals. Early on before the 2 little ones got tired of it, they each had an American Idol microphone, that came in a happy meal. Bella sat next to me and Aiden on my lap and we all sang. It was hilarious, even my little baby sang, who knows what into his microphone. I didn't have that great of a score because I kept laughing at the kids. I wish we had it on camera or even better video. Even sick my little guy was rockin out with me.

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