Saturday, June 14, 2008

Start Spreading the News.

New York - Day 1
Last night Aiden and I flew the red eye flight to JFK. Josh met us there, he was coming from San Fran. Aiden only got about 3 hours of sleep and I didn't get any. So when we arrive we ate breakfast and went straight to the room to sleep. We slept until about 4 in the afternoon. Then we went exploring. Had some lunch and went to Times Square.

Aiden's First Ride on the Subway
I was excited to see his sling is still very useful. We haven't used it in about 5 months.

And he's out...

In front of Radio City. Aiden's that little head at the bottom.

The greatest place for a child ever! Toys R Us! It was the biggest toy store I have ever seen.

M & M World.
Word to the wise. When you come to New York don't even bother packing anything. I had so much fun shopping. I only packed flip flops because I knew I wanted to buy shoes, but I shouldn't have packed clothes.
Oh and by the way, it has not stopped raining. Luckily it's warm rain. But we were walking downtown and the heavens literally opened. I was drenched in less the 10 seconds. I mean drenched, not a dry spot on me. I loved the rain so I thought it was great but most people were running for cover (that poor girl who was wearing white shorts and no underwear).

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