Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lung Cancer

I have never smoked anything, ever. So when I die of lung cancer, let it be known, it was from this vacation. Everybody and their dog smoke here. Us and poor baby Aiden and are constantly inhaling second hand smoke.

New York - Day 5
Today we continued with the bus tours, we saw Uptown New York. We saw Needle Park, which is NOT named that because it is shaped like a needle. Something to do with the 80's and drugs... We also saw where our tour guide found his first body. NICE. Rachael found her future husband in Harlem.

Aiden and Rachael in front of the Met.
After the first couple of days, we were overly prepared.

We ate lunch at a nice Deli. But the sandwiches were $20 each! NO fries or chips with that.
I tried to feed him something healthy but he wouldn't give up the pickle.

Some crazy sculpture near our hotel room.
Josh is working his behind off while Rachael, Aiden and I play. It's fun and there is quite a bit of walking going on. We are lucky to get to come with Daddy on his work trips.

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The Lund Five said...

One of these days I definately want to go to New York, do major shopping and go to some broadway plays. I also want to go to a couple shows like David Letterman, Regis and Kelly, etc. Looks like you are having fun!