Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bus Stops Here

New York - Day 4 ( I originally put day 3 but went to upload my pictures and found out we have already had a day 3)

Today Aunt Rachael flew in to help out with Aiden, because as we all know, Aiden is more than a handful, he's at least four handfuls.
We took the double decker bus around New York and Brooklyn.
We happened by the Naked Cowboy.
The Empire State Building

Doesn't it just look like he's saying, "CHEESE".
I was preparing for rain, so of course it didn't come, but I was stylin'.

Then Josh "Babysat" in the evening and it was girls night out. We saw an off-broadway show called "Altar Boys". Pretty Funny

And went to Hard Rock Cafe for Dinner. Those are all guitars behind us.

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