Monday, June 23, 2008

Just Click Your Heels Together

New York - Day 9
We are finally going home. Today we slept in a bit.
Then since our flight was in the evening, Aiden and I decided to head out into the city one last time.
I think Aiden was a little concerned about it. Since it was just he and I. So he left a trail of fruit loops for us to find our way back.

We made it to the airport and as cute as this little boy looks, he had turned into a monster by this point in the vacation. There was a lot of screaming and tantrums.
We did get upgraded on the flight home to "business class" I guess it's not called first class anymore. This is one of the very few perks of having a husband that travels a lot. Aiden was a bit of a brat and I am sure the "business" folks were wondering how a child got into their section. Ha Ha..

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