Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Word Verification

You know how when you leave a comment on somebody's blog and it requires "word verification"? Well I just left a comment on my sister's blog and the word was "metard". Is that like "me" and "retard" combined? Was her blog calling "me" a "retard"? Am I a "metard". I think yes.
For comments on this post please just type the word it want you to type for "word verification" in the comment section. I don't think most of them are even words.


jamie lynette said...

LOL...That was awesome!

Word Ver.: beraj (pretty boring)

Tiffany said...

Haha that's funny.

Mine is dingar. I knew a kid name dinger. Pretty close.

mindy said...

"word" = aningic

Maybe blogger is inventing a new language and this is just breaking us in...lol

Rach & Kids said...

You are metard. A mean metard!!!

Mine is: egessess

The way they have it all in red and kinda split up, makes it look like a dr. suess word.

alison said...

I totally just got it (as I am looking down at the word sequalog) Man I am totally beyond slow!!!!!!

Bohn Family said...

FUNNY! You Hanks girls have really funny humor ~ I love all of your comments! ~ inglo

Than & Lina said...