Saturday, July 19, 2008

My Week in Review

Tonight we had our friends Ryan & Diane over. We don't have guests, beside grandparents, over very often. Because I hate to clean, our house is too small, we have 3 dogs... Mostly our friends houses are all nicer than ours. It was nice to have people over. I was working all day on the remodel. I told Josh if he wanted to do something he had to take care of it ALL. So grocery shopping took a long time, and the house didn't get cleaned but, hey. He had such good intentions. He wanted us to make foil dinners (hobo dinners is what Ryan said they were called) roast hot dogs and marshmallows on a camp fire in our neighbors fire pit. Good intentions! It was hot out, 3 kids under 3 and one being my son Aiden. It is not fun trying to keep Aiden away from the fire. This is why whenever he asks if we can go have a fire up in the canyons, I say No. That is for older kids.

Last night was Josh's mission reunion. I tried so hard to get out of it. But we went and they had childcare in the nursery. I struggled so badly with leaving Aiden there. It physically hurt. I felt like I couldn't breath the entire time he was there. My heart was in my throat. Before the closing prayer I ran to get him, beat the rush. He of course was fine and they said he was such a good baby, the best one they had there.
This cute shirt he is wearing is my current favorite shirt he has. Grandma Aune bought it for him and I LOVE it! It not only has the greatest phrase "Blame the Dog." But it's one of those layered shirts so it looks like he has an under shirt.
Which brings me to Tuesday. Aiden was playing in his room and the cleaner was in there cleaning. I was trying to eat breakfast. Well the cleaner came carrying Aiden out and says he got into dog poop. They both had it on them. I am furious. For One these little pets are supposed to be potty trained. Two they are forbidden to enter Aiden's room and Three how embarrassing that someone else discovers your kid playing in poop. I get Aiden in tow and go find the dogs because somebody is getting spanked. (Warning next part is gross. ) Look at the poop and wonder which dog it could have been, start to yell and then think, could this have been Aiden. I flip him over to discover, his diaper is pushed off to one side and his outfit is wet and there is a little poop on his leg. I was blaming the dogs.

Wednesday night Josh informs me he has to work late. This ticks me off because his job is his mistress. We argue on the phone for like an hour. I say you have already worked late, I called you at 6:30 he says so you called me at 6. We both say we are right and he says we can compare phones when he gets home to prove it. Well....
I was RIGHT!

One morning this week I went in to check on Aiden because he was sleeping so late and this is what I found.

Of course I woke him up when I took the picture, which angered him.
This is another cute shirt I got in New York, that says "Pinch Your Own Damn Cheeks."

The story of 2 Dave's and a messy house
My dad came in to town this entire week to help us remodel the house. He work so hard. I wanted to be there to help in any way I could so I was there every day and Aiden had a REAL babysitter. Not family but a neighbor girl. I actually had left him once before with her for 2 hours a couple weeks ago so I could work on the house. But we can pretend this was the first time. I left him every day with a sitter for a few hours. He of course is an angel for everyone but me. But here are some cute picture of him with the babysitter.
They played in the water and ate watermelon. I wish I had had that kind of babysitter.

Josh brother, the other Dave, came over late one night and helped us update the main electrical box. Or something really important like that. That was a big help and super nice of him to come late at night. Bad for us we were there til 11pm that night. But good for us that it is done.
AND all of this should explain the messy house part of the story.

I guess that about wraps up my week. Hopefully next week will be less crazy. I'm thinking massage and pedicure to help my sore muscle and so I can feel like a girl again.

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