Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Year Stats

How old are you?
Yesterday was the 12 month check up. If you have read about Aiden's other check up, you know how this story ends. With me crying...
Weight 18lbs -20th% (a guess)
(no longer on the chart for percentile) Screw your stupid charts!
Height 29" 23rd%
Head 47 cm 73rd% (must take after his daddy)
Why do I even go to the stupid pediatrician! Everybody knows Aiden eats a ton. He just never slows down and has a really fast metabolism. But again we are going to try and feed him extremely fattening foods. So off to the grocery store I headed. Who knew full fat cheese tasted so good?
I also refused the vaccines. GASP. I just read some good articles about better ways to vaccinate.

"Consider an alternative schedule to the CDC’s current schedule
It really is shocking to look at the 1983 recommended vaccine schedule and compare it to 2008. Does a child really need so many more vaccines today? Quiz your doctor by asking them how many vaccines were on the schedule in the 1980s. We have found that most have no idea. Three potential alternative schedules to consider:
I. Listen to the Doctor (Our favorite)
Comment: Donald Miller, M.D., is a surgeon at the University of Washington. His article, A User-Friendly Vaccine Schedule, is summarized into this schedule.
II. Turn back the clock
Comment: This is the schedule from 1983. If it worked for kids then, why doesn't it work for kids now?
III. Go Danish
Comment: Denmark is a first world country based in Western Europe. Their schedule appears far more reasonable than ours. They have also been reported to have a much lower rate of autism than the U.S. Do they know something we don't?
A second disclaimer: Please note that we are parents, not doctors. What precedes is not medical advice, it is the opinion of parents. Anything written here should be reviewed with a qualified physician. We are not giving you medical advice nor are we qualified to do so."

I am not NOT vaccinating. I just want to wait. But oh did I get the guilt trip given to me. I was almost convinced to give them to him even though I went in there, not wanting to. So one more point for being a bad parent, or I guess it two now since my kid is so skinny. Did I mention he has cottage cheese thighs? When he wakes up I'm gonna get a picture of those.

Anyway, now that I am more completely disgusted with the medical profession... A friend of ours, Beth, does this cute thing with her baby every month. I wish I had been doing it, but maybe it will be a yearly thing with us.
12 Months
Stats: Above
Eating Habits: Aiden is Eating Everything. His favorites are fruits. He just started Whole Milk (the cow kind). He doesn't like it and we are lucky if we can get a few sips in a day. He is still breastfeeding a couple times a day, but this could be ending soon.
Yes, that is an ice cream cone.And a sucker.

Sleep Habits: I'd say we are at about 80% of the time sleeping through the night. Everybody's definition of sleeping through the night is different. Goes to bed between 9pm and 11pm and sleep until 7am til 9am. He has a couple good naps (2-3hrs) in the day. Daddy gets him that 20% of the time that he wakes in the middle of the night. That was the condition of letting Aiden move out of our bedroom, at what? I think it was 8 months. he he.
Do you see the thunder thighs there?

How many binkis do you need, son?

Play Habits: Does the boy ever stop? He is a ball of energy. His favorites are playing in the water, with the water, outside and playing catch with daddy and Toby.

Any Firsts this Month?: FIRST BIRTHDAY! HIP HIP HOORAY! He took his first steps. We are up to 9 steps and regularly taking 3-5 steps. First bites as a behavioral issue, not so excited about that one.

And Just Because it Makes Me Laugh:


Live.Love.Eat said...

Just came upon your blog and wanted to say hi. Your boy is so precious. Don't worry about what the docs say. For the first two years my doc kept asking if my son was born premature simply because he was on the small side. Now, at 4he is perfect.

Tiffany said...

Awe he is so adorable! I love it! That's such a cute idea to do updates. I hope i remember all these cute things when i have one.