Thursday, July 10, 2008

Oh crap.

I forgot my funny 4th of July story. So at the local Wal-Mart I pick Aiden and I up some matching 4th of July shirts. I am rushing to get ready and put my shirt on and it is really, I mean REALLY tight. I ask Josh if I look fat, he hesitates and says I look good. I don't even care at this point I want to match Aiden. I go upstairs and I am constantly tugging at this shirt so as to not show off my belly. Later in the evening I start talking to my mom and Rachael about how small this shirt is. Now I am no small thing and I got a size that said XL 14-16. I have gotten XL shirts that have still been tight. It just depends where you get it. Rachael says when she was at the Wal-mart she didn't see any cut fitted ones in womens sizes. She comes over to me and looks at the inside of my shirt and say, "You got a little girls shirt." Sigh of relief, I am not as huge as this shirt was making me feel. I run downstairs and change. I don't need to match Aiden this badly.


Diane Owen said...

Haha. Well at least you felt better about yourself once you realized your mistake, right? Oops!

rachael said...

hehe... That was way funny. Makes me laugh just thinking about it :)