Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I love pictures! I mean love. But when your the person who loves pictures, you are often the one taking all the pictures. I also like to be in pictures, with my son, husband, friends... But how lame do you sound when you say, "Can you take my picture?" Because I am so vain and beautiful. Not. I just like to scrapbook and I want to remember I took part in the occasion as well. Pretty much all of New York was me being lame and asking Rachael and Josh to take pictures of me and Aiden by landmarks and other cool stuff.
Onto the griping.
Aiden's Birthday was yesterday (post to follow). Since I was hosting, I gave the camera to Josh. Looking through the pictures after Aiden went to bed, I discover, no pictures of me with my big one year old. No way to go back in time. Doubly suckage. One year ago, yesterday, I was in the hospital having a baby. Same problem, no pictures of mommy and her new baby. Plenty of pictures of the kid but I envision this tender moment of a mother cradling her brand new baby in the hospital. We have all seen these pictures. Where is mine?
So Dad's once in a while take pictures of Mommy with her kids! If we look icky that day, we can just crop ourselves out.

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mindy said...

I am so in the same boat as you...there's just not that thing in guy's brains that alerts them to the kodak moments. For the rest of your life you will have to ask to be in the pics...that's just how it is. If only we had married photographers, huh?