Thursday, July 10, 2008

TV Day

Yesterday I was really sick. My friend Diane made a post about sick days and motherhood.
I longed to have a sick day, but it was virtually impossible. Aiden had a pediatrician appt. that didn't go well (post to follow). Then it was errands to Home Depot and Walmart and of course the never ending laundry, raising a son and another appt. In between everything me running to the bathroom, Yuck! So by the end of the day I was physically and mentally exhausted.
Today I woke up and decided that I was going to have a TV Day. I have not had one of these since I was 9 months pregnant. The TV just doesn't come on in our house for more than an hour a day. When I was pregnant and on bed rest it was every day and I got sick of it. Oh how I miss it! After the baby it was taking care of a baby, packing, unpacking, and now all my projects.
So today it was! Or so I thought...
I lay on the couch turn on the TV, watch a show, now I have to feed Aiden and while I am feeding I notice the table and counter are a bit dirty so I do some picking up. Then I discover, I am not over my little bug, hopefully it's only a 48 hr one. Good thing I am just planning to relax and watch TV today. Well maybe I'll just start a load of laundry on the commercial break. Diaper change. 10 minutes later, "Didn't I just change you?" UH OH! Aiden seems to have caught mommy's bug. "Toby (the not smart dog), Why are you limping?" Touch his leg, he whines in pain. Call the vet, find the doggie pain killers, hold him and comfort him. "Your poopy again?" Aiden is down for a nap, the TV is off, gotta shower and I am thinking I may never have a TV day again :(

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