Monday, July 7, 2008

Too Busy to Breath

A few weeks ago, we purchased a home in South Jordan to remodel. What a project! It is exhausting. My dad has been flying out every weekend and helping us. He is a lifesaver. I wish more people were as giving and generous as he is.
We have completely gutted the house and are starting to rebuild. If anybody knows any one in the construction trade (electrical, tile, framing, concrete, landscaping, garages...) that may need some extra cash, we have so much still to do. It's like building a new house.

This WAS the barn. It was demolished this last weekend.


Tiffany said...

Fun! We are working on remodeling our house as well. It is quite the project but I think it's fun. I wish I lived close enough to come help you. When you start painting, let me know. That's my fav! I may just have to make a trip up :)

mindy said...

I happen to have a brother who is a contractor...he's mostly been doing basements since he started his own business but you could still give him a call. John's # is 801-815-8252 and he's just in Herriman. Good luck!!