Friday, July 11, 2008

Stay Away FRom Advanced Laser Clinic

I LOVE being hair free. I definitely recommend getting Laser Hair Removal but do NOT go to "Advanced Laser Clinic"
I started the Vela Smooth Treatments on June 11th. When I was inquiring about the treatments I asked if they were painful. They responded that if I can handle laser hair removal I can handle it. They also said some clients refer to it as "just like a hot massage." And they have "some clients fall asleep during treatments."
My treatment on the 11th was very painful and difficult for me to get through. After words, within hours I had bruised very badly. My legs were covered in bruises. My legs hurt so badly for about a week it hurt to have my son on my lap. My bruises had not healed, so I waited 2 weeks between treatments. When I went back for my second treatment on June 25th it was so painful I could not make it through the entire timed session and had to ask the girl to stop on certain areas. Two days after my appointment, I called and left a message for the manager with Sabrina. I wanted to talk to her about discontinuing treatments. She didn't return my call. Yesterday I received the reminder call about my appointment I said I still had not talked to the manager. They said they would give her the message. A few hours later I called again to speak to her. I explained that It hurt so badly that I couldn't do the full treatments. She was "stumped and didn't know what to say". She told me to come and try it again and then we would figure something out. So I came in today and it was very painful again. It hurts during and for along time after each treatment.
I am not getting the best results for these treatments because I can't come in every week, like recommended. It hurts to badly and the bruising doesn't heal. Also, I am not able to stand the entire time on each area because it hurts too badly. So I am not getting results in the areas I am treating. I asked for a refund for the future treatments (not past) they said they cannot do that for me but can exchange it for other services. I have already had all the areas I need laser hair removed and I am not comfortable having laser work done on my face, nor do I feel I need it.
I wanted to try this treatment out before I bought it all but a per treatment price would have been $1000.00 and they assured me it wasn't painful and I could get a package deal for $2400. Now I cannot continue with my treatments, the 3 treatments I have had, have not been effective and I am out alot of money.
They "force" you to purchase a package and pay for all visits in advance and then they won't give you your money back for unused treatments. Plus their manager is new and just sucks compared to the old one.


mindy said...

2 words...Get Gephart (channel 2 news at 10)

rachael said...

oh that is such a good idea... i bet he'll help. If not I could use a little lipo or a lota lipo :)