Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is there a group for me?

Yesterday we went to Boondocks with my nephews and niece (Ali's kids, Knute, Rohr, & EmmaLynn). I have a serious problem. I could not stop putting tokens in the machine called Disco Fever. It a coin pusher, that you drop in a token and hopefully (fingers crossed) it falls and pushes more token into the tray for tickets. I literally could not stop, I do not want to admit how much money I put into tokens for that machine, but it was REALLY bad. I would make the kids take my money and go get me more tokens so I didn't lose "MY" machine. Aiden is going to have to go to the community college now. I am afraid to go back. Next time we go, I will have to leave my wallet home and Josh's, because he allows, even encourages, me to be an idiot.


Diane Owen said...

So funny! Back several years ago I was addicted to the same game, different name I think, but same game. I had gazillions of tickets I won from that thing, and since I don't usually win ANYTHING, it totally addicted me. I played every time I was at the mall. I finally broke myself, I'm sorry you became one of us though. Ha ha ha!!

rachael said...

Wow, going to Boondocks without me... I'm hurt. Really hurt.