Saturday, January 2, 2010


I haven't gotten the pictures from Josh's camera, so there could be a follow up post.

First there was cookie making. The Aune Family makes a ridiculous amount of cookies every year. Between 150-200 dozen. That is between 1800 and 2400 cookies!!!
We were there late one night and put a movie on for Aiden. Aiden can't do anything by himself, including watching a movie. So Josh got Farfar to watch it with him. I know Aiden loved it, because Farfar talked to him the whole movie and asked him questions about it.
Then there is the Aune Family Christmas Eve. This is big tradition in their family. This year we got to wear our Norweigen sweaters, which is something everybody does, if they have them. Here is Aiden and Farfar in their Norweigen sweaters. I love these pictures because Farfar is 89 years old and I keep saying this could be his last Christmas, but the truth is he will probably outlast me.
Aiden looks like a girl, but I did get his hair cut last week, so he is less girlish.
Another interesting tidbit you should know about Farfar. He is like a little kid. He is always poking and tripping Aiden with his cane. I finally told on him to Josh, and Josh said, "What else are you going to do when you're that old." So we let the behavior continue and it doesn't bug Aiden too much.

Every year at Christmas eve they dress up the kids in the Nativity scene. Well a couple years back the family divided because it was getting too big. This year, Aiden was the only little kid, so I got to pick his part. I have seen this scene for many years and have always wanted Aiden to be the sheep. This year the role was all his. Of course the most important role that Christmas was the sheep, right?And lastly, they have a tradition Norweigen dessert, rice cream, that they hide almonds in. If you find the almond in your dessert, you get a chocolate Santa. Now every year I have gotten it. It's like a 4 out of 30 chance. EVERY YEAR, well except the year I didn't go, but Josh got 2 that year, so we count it. This year before we even got there I was feeling enormous pressure! I thought how can I keep this up, but I REALLY wanted to. So I served myself. Josh served Aiden and I saw one plop into Aiden's bowl. Josh knew how important this was to me so he told me to take it. Well its not the same if you cheat.
Oh boy was I sad, I knew if Aiden had 1 there were only 3 left. Then Kimball immediately got one and 2 minutes later he had another. I was devastated. I had swirled and dug around my entire bowl trying to find it. So I just started eating. Horribly sad. Then, near the bottom, almost done, there it was, my little Christmas miracle. I was so excited. I cannot even tell you how excited. I squealed with delight. Honestly had to hold back tears because I had wanted it so bad and was so certain I wouldn't find it. Lame I know, but I could have cried at that moment. Next year is going to be even harder, or I won't have pregnancy hormones so I won't care as much.

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