Sunday, January 3, 2010


Josh just made pancakes for dinner. He tried a new recipe. They tasted alright but it was definitely a different taste. Halfway through my second pancake I found a small white circle. I thought maybe a lump of flour. I said, "Josh what is this?" He said it was "just an ingredient". So I pressed him and it was cottage cheese. What kind of recipe for pancakes calls for cottage cheese? Apparently they exist. However the recipe he used did NOT call for cottage cheese it was a substitution. "For What?" Both you and I ask. For sour cream. That's right folks, you can substitute cottage cheese for sour cream. At least in Josh's world.
Either way, I am so nauseous lately that, the idea of cottage cheese in my pancake did me in.

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Than & Lina said...

On the plus side, cottage cheese is really quite good for you while you're pregnant.