Sunday, January 31, 2010


Josh thinks I'm crazy, and I tend to agree...
Every night I go to bed thinking, tonight's the night. Every morning I wake up disappointed. Where is my baby, I ask. I search the bedding. Why won't it come already?

Mice problem seems to be eliminated. We ended up with a total of 17 or 18, unsure.
Josh's mouse highlight: When he was down working in the office after midnight and one ran across the floor. He and Zeke the Chihuahua manage to corner it. Then called me on his cell phone, woke me up to come help. Josh's questions were, "Will it bite me?" Yes it probably will. "Will it's tail fall off, if I pick it up by it?" No I don't think so. Can I go back to bed? He got it in an OJ container and was traumatized for life.
My mouse highlight: Was when I checked the traps, we had the snap down and break the neck traps. Finding one live mouse on the sticky trap was enough trauma for us. Any way I found TWO caught in one trap. How does that happen? They both had to be in the exact same wrong place at the exact same wrong time. I took a picture for Josh, but will spare you.

Josh took some profile pictures of my big Budha belly. He wants to edit them, but it is taking to long and I want to post them.

I have worked out the rules of my crazy gender baby plan....
We aren't going to tell the gender of the baby to you unless, a) You bring a meal, 2)You clean my house, I'll have a very specific list since I'm so OCD j/k, C) Help with Aiden or 4) Buy the baby a present. (Josh doesn't like the last option, but some people would rather buy a gift then cook or clean and I want that option available.)
I am terrible at asking for help and then I get overwhelmed, frustrated and cry ALOT. So now I'm just going to demand help. Of course there will be extenuating circumstances. Living out of state and broke would be one :)
Now you see... in order for this to work, there will be a confidentiality clause, my accepting the news of the gender, you are also excepting the confidentiality clause. ABSOLUTELY NO SHARING OF THIS INFORMATION! Once you have been told the gender, you may not pass it along, anybody else needs to earn it as well. Meaning if you tell somebody the gender of our baby, we will find out and you will pay us $50. and I may never speak to you again (which after reading this, you may think is a good thing.)
So that's all the crazy for today, but as I sit and wait I may come up with more crazy ideas, so watch out.


Likely said...

You mean you DO know the gender? You will most definitely get a present from me. I am out of state so that is my only option, I see...

You better tell me as soon as you know so I can plan my gifting accordingly!

Than & Lina said...

Hang in there. I hope all goes well and that you can enjoy the last few days in some way. :)

I doubt I'll be much help unless my baby is still in the hospital. But, I'm covered because I sent a gift for your baby with my parents so I expect you to let me know what the gender is as soon as you are able.

All the best!

jennybrum said...

Well I'm planning to take Aiden, and I'll even come clean your house, but I can't get you a present until I know the gender of the baby because if its a girl I want to buy her something pink pink pink! :)