Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Josh was giving me all my medicines before bed last night. Aiden said, "can I have some medicine?" To which Josh replied. "You can have medicine when you are pregnant with a baby." Aiden said "ok" very enthusiastically.

I had my doctors appointment today. I have been indifferent towards my doctor this entire pregnancy. But today I decided I REALLY don't like her and don't want her to deliver my baby. Mostly I don't want her to get my money. So here I sit almost 35 weeks pregnant and looking for a new doctor. I LOVED my last doctor, I LOVED the hospital, I LOVED the experience. If we had the money, I would have flown back to Maryland to have this one.

Anyway, baby is much lower. I'm dilated to a ONE, big news I know. And 60% effaced. Which I kinda knew cuz I feel like this baby is trying to get out. It is sooo low!

Now to offend....
Locals only....
I am a very private person. I like to keep things intimate. That is why Josh and I were married all by ourselves, with no spectators.
It was easy with Aiden's birth because we were out of state.
I/We, mostly I, do NOT want visitors at the hospital. Flowers sent are just fine :)
I want to rest and bond with my baby and I really don't like people coming by. Josh has vetoed part of this and allowed for Grandparents only, but by appointment. NOBODY is allowed to just stop by. I have no problem telling people to leave:) If you are a grandparent please call and ask me (not Josh) when is good. The baby won't change much in a few days. You can see it when we get home. But when we are home, it will probably be by appointment as well. I am not the kind of person who likes people just stopping by. Also I am a complete germaphobe, so no kids at first or any slight sign of sickness.
Hate me if you want, but my baby, my rules!
Also we will be charging some kind of service, meals, cleaning or gifts as admission to meet our wonderful child.


Diane Owen said...

I was going to text you and see what happened at your appointment. I hope he/she makes its appearance a little early for you. You going to get a new doctor? No worries about offending, its good to know where you stand. I am the opposite, I love visitors I get too lonely in the hospital. I love my baby bonding time too though. We'll try and obey your rules. :) Keep us posted on any baby movements.

Likely said...

ha ha! Max just asked the other day if he can have a baby one day.

I hope all is well and safe with your delivery! I will be thinking of you.