Thursday, January 7, 2010

All Grown Up

We are officially now grown ups.
A couple months ago Josh told me we had a mouse. I totally freaked out! Then I started hearing it late at night as well. Josh thought it was in our ventilation system. But I heard it in the kitchen. Like under the dishwasher. Josh cleaned out the cupboards, no sign of Mr. Mouse. No chewed boxes, no mouse droppings. I bought the sticky kind of mouse traps. Poison wasn't an option, it would eat it and go die in my walls, stinky! The traditional mouse traps would have Aiden in the hospital with broken fingers. Now we just had to figure out where this mouse was so we could set the traps. Well honeslty I haven't heard or thought of the mouse in about a month. But last night as we were cleaning up the kitchen, I was finally throwing out the pile of Christmas treats and picked up the pile of Kit Kat bars and they all had little chew marks in them. Ah ha, we got him. But I was still confused as to why there were no droppings on my counter, he had to have spent quite a lot of time up there eating those Kit Kat bars. Well out came the sticky traps. They surrounded the Kit Kats. I hated this mouse, I was so ready to get him. Not in my house Mr. mouse!
Then this morning there he was, all stuck in the sticky goo. He was soooo little. It made me sad. Last night I told Josh I would kill it once we caught it, but today it was so little and cute. So I told Josh we could let it go, problem was, it was super stuck and I couldn't get it unstuck. Josh read the box and it said oil based products would unstick it so I dumped olive oil all over it and its face got unstuck and it started biting at the trap, but then it just died. I probably drowned it with the olive oil. Both Josh and I feel terrible and now we know what not to do. But at least he died quickly and didn't just suffer stuck in the trap. :(


Than & Lina said...

You handled that better than I would've.

jamie lynette said...

I HATE mice...Glad to hear it is gone!

And your creepy floating baby off to the side says you only have 35 days to go! WooHoo! That is coming up soon.