Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Humiliation!!

Today we had are first Sunday in our new ward. You see our old ward got divided and we got stuck in the new one. At first I was excited because we actually got to sit on a nice soft bench instead of a cold metal hard folding chair way in the back. Well today I would have given anything to be in the very back.
My lovely son is a difficult child. He really can be. Our new ward doesn't seem to have a s many small children, or as many people in general so it is much quieter. All during church Josh and I were on edge because Aiden was loud and he seemed to be the only person in the building being loud. After the Sacrament was passed, the bishop said "Thank you for being reverent that was almost as quiet as the Singles Ward". And I imagined in his head he followed with "except the kid in green."
Now as the end approached, as all small children tend to do, Aiden was losing his patience with being stuck there. He got in trouble and Daddy picked him up to carry him out. On his way out, through the cries, he yelled out "Help Me Mommy!" The ENTIRE congregation started laughing and looking to me. Even the girl speaking stopped speaking and started laughing. Church stood still for Aiden. I wanted to duck, to cry, I couldn't laugh, that was my son and literally church just stopped for him. I just stared straight forward and held back the tears until people could stop laughing and get back to speaking and listening.
We made a wonderful first impression today. Lots of people talked to us after about how "cute" Aiden is. That is NOT the word I use to describe him.


Than & Lina said...

I'm sorry that was so terrible for you, but it really makes for a good story! Maybe in a few months or years it will make you laugh a lot.

jennybrum said...

Ah, nobody REALLY wants to listen in church anyway, right? I'm sure they were all happy to have a little break! Just be glad you aren't fighting four kids, and our sacrament is last! We often compare it to Chinese water torture.

Tiffany said...

Oh man. Don't even be worried. That would be awesome and yes, a welcome break I'm sure.

Likely said...

HA HA HA!!!!! this is hilarious! A couple weeks ago Oliver caught his bishop daddy nodding off on the stand, he yelled, WAKE UP DADDY!!!


You can laugh about it, it is hilarious. I guess it is always funnier when it is someone else's kid huh!