Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This wonderful birthday started Sunday night around 10pm, with me crying. I have a hard time with birthdays and holidays. I don't know why. I have NO problems getting older I just get very stressed out and emotional around these events. Josh said that he had been thinking about it and watching and having your birthday this close to Christmas really sucks, so maybe we should celebrate it at my half birthday in June. Which would be nice, but I think I'm too old for that. I need to just accept that birthdays aren't as great for adults.
After a good cry, Josh calmed me down and I couldn't sleep so we watched TV until 12:00 am, so I could be the first to wish myself a Happy Birthday. Josh was very upset because I was looking at the clock on the TV and he was watching his phone and he said the time on the TV was wrong and he was first;)
Then I woke up, Josh got me Jamba Juice for breakfast. Went and got a massage, and my hair and make up done. It was VERY nice. Then we all went to the mall to get pictures with Santa. i just look chubby, but I am 7 months pregnant.
We had hot dog on a stick, which may not sound great to you, but I was soooo looking forward to it! Then we got to ride on a train at the mall. Aiden was adorable and said "chugga chugga woo woo" the entire 8 minute ride. That could have been the highlight of the day!
After, at home I was in my room on the computer and Josh came in because he heard sniffling. He said, "oh just sniffling, no crying." I guess I have a history of bad birthdays.
For the evening Grandma Cindy took Aiden and Josh and I went to Ruby River Steakhouse. They honestly have the best fillet. I have shopped around. To top it all off, Oreo Ice cream cake from Maggie Moos.

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