Saturday, March 1, 2008

Eating Like Kings

Up until this cruise Aiden has been on mostly boob milk and stage 1 foods. I began to think we were a little behind so I started a couple of stage 2 foods before we left (Green Beans, Strawberry/Applesauce and Chicken w/Rice Puree).
Well since Josh and I were eating like kings, why not Aiden too. This kid ate chicken fingers, breads, mac & cheese, anything and everything he could get his hands on. I let him have some cheese cake and boy was that a mistake. He thought that was the greatest thing he has ever tasted. (I agree)

Some adorable pictures of my kid stuffin his face.

We are going back to mostly baby food when we get home. I do think it is more nutritious, but hey it's vacation.
Side note, Somebody right now is thinking, “I can't believe she let him eat all that. He is too young.” Again, just keep it to yourselves, I only wish I could be as wonderful of a parent as you.

Mom eating escargot

Eating Alligator at Alligator Park in Florida

Key Lime Pie in Key West


Diane Owen said...

mmmmm....I'm hungry now!

rachael said...

Wow, I cant believe what bad parents you guys turned out to be. Chicken fingers? Nice. I bet you let Kiana babysit for "just a few minutes" while you saw a few shows. Then you probably picked up some cough syrup to make him sleep all night so you could go to the onboard casino. I just have to ask myself "what's next for this poor child?" Jeez, chicken fingers? Come on!