Thursday, March 20, 2008

Advise please

Alright I don't appreciate advise from strangers or even family members unless I ask. Now I am asking. My adorable little baby has turned into a brat. What do I do? I don't want to say "No" ALL the time. I feel so negative. Especially since he is now mobile, he's naughty. His two favorites, Mommy's pink laptop and Dog food. The bad mom part of me sometimes thinks, "is dog food really that bad for him." I just don't want to be discipling him all day long.

Also he is a little tantrumer. He was throwing a tantrum today and I just starting laughing at him and he kind of smiled a little pouty smile. He didn't understand why I was smiling. And it made me laugh harder. I couldn't stop. What do I do about the tantrum? He arches his back and screams and kicks his legs. I thought he was too young for this. I take away the naughty thing he gets into and he tantrums. I know what to do with big kid tantrums but baby ones, I am at a loss. Help me. I could try and read about it in books but have to keep one eye glued to Aiden at all times. Should I cage the little monkey?


The Lund Five said...

I don't know what to tell you. Reagan has a little thing where lately she sqwaks at me. She only does it when she is mad. I don't like telling my kids no all the time either. My only advice is to keep those things out of his reach.

jamie lynette said...

Uh yeah...I'd like advice on that one too. I am now realizing that I've said 'no' too much already because now when I take things away Thomas says, "NanananaNo!" He throws tantrums too (and sadly it probably started around Aiden's age).
Today I actually started good old "general statement, please, need and then hand over hand." I think he is old enough now that he should pick up on it...I hope! Let me know if you read something good!!!!

jennybrum said...

Darcy snuck dogfood from the time she could crawl until she was two, and she managed to survive! Play pens are great for short amounts of time if you need to get something done. Just put lots of toys in there that he likes. Not that we would need one with Kade yet. He's still way too lazy to crawl! Good luck!

Diane Owen said...

I'm afraid saying no is an inevitable part of being a mom. But make sure there are plenty of opportunities to say yes during the day too. And move the things that are big nono's when you can. Tantrums are the worst and i'm not really sure what to tell you other than not to indulge him or he'll think they work! They always seem like they start too young, but hopefully it'll be a short phase for sweet Aiden. Good luck and come over when you need a break!