Saturday, March 29, 2008

We live a charmed life....

Josh and I got a night away from the baby. Yipee! Rachael gave us an overnight babysit for Christmas and we are finally getting to use it. We stayed the night at the Sherwood Hills Resort. Not very impressed, but I will review it later.
Then we went to Beaver Creek Lodge, where we went snowmobiling. It was so much fun. A bit scary for me, since I have only had bad experiences ("I had a Bad Experience"...) when snowmobiling. No accidents!

Josh in his snowmobile garb.

Check out my snazzy outfit.


Behind Josh is a restroom. Well the top of a restroom, the snow was very high.

Me on the weak snowmobile, Josh gave me the less powerful one since I am the "dangerous one," he said.

My bottom hurt so badly I could not sit on the snowmobile any longer. So I decided to ice my behind.

On the way home Josh wore my sunglasses. Click on the picture for a close up of the sparkly gems!

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