Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Addition to our Family!

Today we went to IFA. "Oh No," I hear you say. Oh Yes! Josh said I could have a baby chick. But when we got there, they would only sell them in groups of 5 or more. Yikes! I don't want 5 chickens. How 'bout a duck? Same deal 5 or more. If I wanted a turkey I could get away with buying only 2. So I was thinking, maybe no. There was this really cute little yellow baby chick I was holding while I was deciding if I wanted a herd of chicks. I asked the lady about her because she seemed like she was lethargic. The lady said that she was probably going to die. She had just spent a week in the mail and all the others chicks that were shipped with her arrived dead. Usually they only spend 2 days in the mail. The lady said if I wanted to take her home that she would just give her (she said it, I'm calling it a her) to me. So we now how a little chick named Easter. She might die but we are giving her constant attention and making her eat and drink. I guess we'll see how it goes. I think our little Easter is a surviver, she is the only one that arrived alive, she's a fighter.

Josh fell asleep holding Easter. She was happy to be warm.

Aiden about to abuse the poor chick.


Diane Owen said...

ahhh...sweet chick. Here are some good vibes for your little survivor! I wanna see her! Maybe when she's a little tougher we'll come for a visit. Happy Easter!

jamie lynette said...

My turn to think you are pregnant!!!!'re little chick is adorable! Please bring her to New Hampshire. I think she is going to be like your rat who just keeps going and going.