Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm not ready for this!

Aiden surprised us today by showing us is new talent. Climbing stairs. It was no problem for him. Like he had been doing it all his life.


The Lund Five said...

It is amazing how fast they grow up. It's like one day they can't climb stairs and the next day they can. He is getting so big! See you at Emma's party!

Diane Owen said...

I so remember that day with both of my kids. Its insane how quickly it happens. Drink it in, he'll be running before you can blink!

jamie lynette said...

Go Aiden! Go! Way to go Dude! Em-It looks like you'll have to start using that baby gate that is off to the side in the picture.

And by the way...snowmobiling??? Sounds very fun! Was it snowmobiling you were once telling us you'd never do? Or was it jet skiing? Either way nice work on the less powerful machine!