Saturday, March 1, 2008

“You didn't know...?

People care more about your kid than you do,” as my friend Dave put it.
People! I have had it! Mind your own d*** business. If one more person comments on my parenting skills I might hurt them. My son is not too cold, he does not need socks on, I do not need to cover him up. We are from Utah where there is 6 feet of snow where we come from and we are melting here. How on earth do you know that “Oh, He's hungry, He's sleepy, He wants ....” You just met him and already you can read his mind? WOW
Besides, even if I am lacking in the care for my child, he's not in imminent danger here so keep your opinion to your self, shut your trap. I am regularly seeing parents that I think are irresponsible but I don't think it is my place to tell them., WHY do you?

Here we have been on vacation and so many people have told me these things and more. If I am doing such a bad job why is my son so happy. These comments have come hand in hand. “Oh I have never seen such a happy baby, It's cold you should bundle him up.”
Me/ Pushing Aiden in his stroller in the Miami Airport. He's wearing a shorts romper. An employee, therefore a resident, walks by, very loudly says, “Oh my G*D, Look at that baby, he must be freezing.” Lady it's 75 degrees outside and he's not naked. AAAAAHHHHHHH and yet there is probably somebody reading this thinking, “It was only 75 degrees and you only had him in a shorts romper, you need to dress him more warmly.” Think what you want, just don't leave a comment, or you will be the one I hurt. Now that I got that off my chest...

Do I look neglected to you?

Put some clothes on that kid and hold him upright!


rachael said...

Ummm... your baby didn't have socks on earlier, and I was gonna tell you how cold he must have been, but then I noticed how starving he was, and decided to focus on that.

The Lund Five said...

I totally agree that sometimes people need to keep their opinion to themselves. You know your own child better than anybody and you know what is best for him and what he likes. So don't let it bother you. You are a great mom!

Diane Owen said...

Do what you want with your kid, he's yours! And he's adorable!

{ Bethany } said...

ARGH! Part of motherhood is learning to let the comments roll off your back. EVERYONE has an opinion when it comes to your kid.

My favorites are the people who try to diagnosis your kid with some disorder! Um, thanks, but he DOES see the pediatrician on a regular basis, and NO ONE is more concerned than his own MOTHER!!!! :P