Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

This is very late, but Josh just sent me over these pictures and they were too cute not to post about. This is Christmas Eve at the Aune's.

This is the nativity scene. Aiden was an angel. What an actor. He should win an "Oscar" just for attempting that role.

I think in this picture the angel might actually be flying or ascending to Heaven.

The Aune's have this tradition, where they put these almods in the rice cream. If you find one in your serving you get a chocolate treat. 4 years running baby! (Every year since 2004 excluding 2005 when I wasn't there)I ROCK! Of course you give it to the kids so they get all excited. What the crap! Nobody coddled me growing up!

I just love the look on Aiden's face. Like he knows something good is about to happen :)

And something good did happen. He got a tool set from Farfar. Now maybe mom and dad can stop worrying about Aiden losing his eyes from running around the house with our tools.

And a very frightening picture of me :) The things we do to make our kids laugh...

I also found the picture we were going to send out for our Holiday card. It's damn funny so I am still going to send it out. If I don't have your address and you want one email me at If you got our Halloween card or last years Christmas card and you haven't moved I probably still have your address. Did I mention our card is LYAO funny?

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