Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry What?

I am openly a Christmas hater. This year I tried so hard to make it a good one (only after trying to convince Josh to go someplace tropical and warm did not work). I tried for Aiden's sake. Everything I tried to get us in the Holiday spirit just turned out badly.
Yesterday morning, I awoke before Aiden which never happens, except it was the beginning of the holiday. I lay in bed for an hour or so just feeling like I was going to vomit. The sickness continued throughout the day. This isn't the "I caught something" sickness. This is the "I hate Christmas" sickness. Then due to my procrastination and not so pleasing life lately, we had to go to the mall on Christmas eve to get the picture taken with Santa. Luckily I went before hand and Aiden only had to wait in line 30 minutes of the 2 1/2 hours I waited :)
Onto Christmas Eve dinner at the Aune's. I had to corral Josh out of there to his disappointment at 10:30pm. Only to come home and find out that Santa had not put together Aidens gift. Lazy Elfs. 2 more hours of unpleasant holiday necessities. Quite literally a hundred screws...
Parker came down and woke us up at 9 am. We had to wake up Monkey, who showed NO interest in his gifts or unwrapping presents. He still has many, as I write, sitting wrapped under our tree.
And here we are all still in our jammies from last night at 8pm.
How's that for Holiday Cheer?
Well for those of you who do enjoy Christmas. Merry Christmas, I hope all your wishes came true.

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